Is RV Toilet Paper Necessary: The Truth About Camper Safe Toilet Paper


If you are new to the world of RVing, you might be wondering, is RV-specific toilet paper really necessary? Isn’t regular toilet paper fine to use in an RV? 

You’ve likely heard other RVers insist that camper-safe toilet paper is necessary, but, does standard toilet paper actually create that many issues for an RV?

To set the record straight and to help you understand the truth about camper safe TP, this blog post will introduce you to facts about RV toilet paper and why it’s necessary for your RV.


RV Toilet Paper


How is RV Toilet Paper Different from Regular Toilet Paper?

RV toilet paper is made from materials that break down much quicker than regular toilet paper. This is one of the main reasons why it’s crucial to use camper safe toilet paper in your RV. If you were to use regular, household toilet paper, then your used TP would be sitting in your RV’s holding tank, taking a much longer time to break down then necessary. 

One of the downsides of this is that regular TP will slow down the smell-canceling action of chemicals in your holding tank. This will result in the odor of your bathroom visits lingering in the RV — something you definitely want to avoid.

How RV Holding Tanks Work

If you’ve already purchased your RV, you likely know this already, but RVs actually have three different holding tanks: 

  • Fresh water. This holding tank holds the clean water that comes out of your RV’s sinks and shower. 
  • Gray water. This is the dirty water that drains from your shower and sinks. This water is dirty but isn’t nearly as nasty as your last holding tank. 
  • Black water. The holding tank where your toilet waste goes. To keep your black water tank functioning optimally, it’s important to only use RV-safe toilet paper in your RV.

Is RV Toilet Paper Necessary?

Regular toilet paper causes your black water tank to stink and increases the chances of your tank clogging — trust me, you don’t want to clog your black water tank. Consequently, the general consensus among RVers and RV experts is that yes, RV toilet paper is a necessary part of being an RVer. 

Best RV Toilet Paper Brands

Here are some of the most common brands of RV toilet paper. If you’re just getting started as an RVer, pick up one of these RV toilet paper brands for starters.

  • Scott Rapid Dissolving
  • Thetford Aqua-Soft
  • Camco RV Toilet Paper
  • Freedom Living RV toilet paper

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