Tips for Efficient RV Travel and Enjoyable Stay

rv travel


From fuel efficiency to practical accessories, there are many different factors you need to address if you want to enjoy the wonder of RV travel.


There’s no denying that RV travel trailers deliver a level of freedom you can’t obtain with any other form of travel. Motorhomes literally have everything you need, so the only thing you need to decide what destination you want to visit next.  


With that in mind, choosing where to go and preparing for the road are essential steps that will help set you up for success. Let’s take a look at efficient RV travel tips that will help guarantee a smooth trip. 

Does Preparation Make a Difference?

Before delving any further, let’s take a moment to understand the impact of preparation. Novice RV travelers often want to take shortcuts, but it’s essential to understand that planning will help you:


  • Set your route
  • Pack perfectly
  • Keep your RV in great condition

Efficient Travel Tips

As a seasoned RV travel planner, you probably already know the value of efficiency. Here are some tips to help you save gas, money, and other resources while you’re on the road. 


  • Lighten the load in your RV as much as possible to save gas
  • Take your motorhome for a checkup before going on a long trip
  • Monitor weather conditions and change destination if you don’t like the forecast
  • Always have an emergency toolkit that includes water, food, and blankets
  • Start driving early to avoid traffic and reduce stress as much as possible

Campsite Selection and Setup

If you’ve prepared your RV travel trailer and noted the tips above, the last thing you need to do is choose a campsite. As with families, every campsite is different, so you need to pay close attention to the features and amenities available in order to choose the right stops. 

Take Your Family’s Needs Into Consideration

If you have pets or require access for people with limited mobility, you should check the campsite’s website or even phone in advance to make sure your whole family is comfortable. 

Check Availability

Campsites are an extremely popular destination especially during the summer months. The best sites are booked up first, so start making plans and booking camps as soon as you decide to take the trip. 

Review Amenities and Features for RVs

It’s important to know what amenities your family will have available during their stay, so check out every campsite’s website or social media to get a good idea of the activities you’ll find on the grounds. 


Do you need to get your RV cleaned and checked, or hire another service? Campsites often provide these services, but not all of them do. So, you should keep note of which camps offer specific elements and plan your stops based on what you need. 


Traveling in an RV can help you forge a closer bond with your family and let you experience more of our great nation. And, taking the time to effectively plan and prepare your trip will only enhance this experience.


Whether you decide to stay local or cross state lines, we hope that the tips above help set you up for a wonderful trip. If you need help preparing your motorhome or finding the perfect RV travel trailers for sale, contact Kirkland RV today and our team will be glad to help.