::Infographic:: RV Vacations – Top 3 Destinations in the Northwest – Updated Edition


You have just gone and done it! You have finally given into the dream and purchased a great recreational vehicle and you can hardly wait to get out on the open road. Now, you just have to figure out where you are going. Here are a few great ideas for RV vacations in the northwestern United States in a new infographic:

RV Vacation-Spots-infographic

The Oregon Coast

Often referred to as the most spectacular coastline in America, US Hwy 101 takes you right along the coast and gives you views of rugged cliffs, lush green slopes, and white sand beaches. Tidal pools are part of the beachscape along the coast of Oregon, formed by volcanic activity eons ago. Tourists are particularly welcome in Oregon and there are many quality RV parks and convenient facilities all along the route. If you like the idea of a relaxing trip with a smorgasbord of beautiful scenery, this is a great RV vacation to consider.

Mount St. Helens

Once again accessible to vacationers, this once majestic mountain changed the landscape for miles around it when it erupted back in May of 1980. RV friendly, the winding roads twist and turn through the once again beautiful landscape. Spirit Lake, Ape Cave, Lava Canyon and many other popular destinations make great side trips. Tourism has blossomed in the era after the eruption and many very small, but very nice RV parks are tucked into the beautiful wooded landscape. Mount St. Helens is perfect for the history buff or the lover of mountains, woods, and streams.

Cape Disappointment

This is another terrific spot to visit in your RV. With beautiful views, incredible wildlife, and many more features, this is definitely one of Washington’s best places for RV vacations.

RV vacations are a great way to spend a relaxing time with your family while creating a lifetime of memories that will be handed down through the generations. If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of an RV vacation, now is a great time to visit your local used RV sales lot and try out a great RV. Your family will love you for it!

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