RV-Zona: Why Arizona is the New RV Mecca


Traveling the great American highways in an RV has become a popular hobby and holiday tradition. Moreover, some are taking it up as a lifestyle, and many states stand out as awesome destinations that fill modern nomads with wanderlust.

Enter Arizona. Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and full-time RVers always see it as an enticing option. We compiled a simple list of the best reasons why Arizona is one of the new RV meccas, and what to do if you would like to call it your official home.

An Awesome Place for All Age Groups

Arizona is the sort of place that appeals to all age groups. It has developed cities like Phoenix, loads of cultural and music festivals, museums, shows, marinas, and of course, camping options. There are campgrounds and campsites scattered all over the state, so you’ll easily find one closest to your favorite attraction. Campgrounds are often equipped with amenities such as flush toilets, showers, outdoor cooking areas, dining areas, and amazing landscapes. Which brings us to our next point…

Countless Natural Attractions

The Grand Canyon is the crown jewel of Arizona, but it also boasts rivers, state parks, lakes, viewpoints, trails, and hiking options. Staying in touch with nature seems to be a lifestyle when camping in Arizona. You will encounter a huge number of marinas you can visit, and rivers where you can go rafting and fishing. Many cultural parks, museums, and science centers emphasize the natural beauty of The Copper State, making it virtually impossible to miss.

Activities and Attractions in Arizona

First-time RVers pay special attention to the activities and attractions available, and Arizona will not let them down. As we mentioned before, you’ll find natural activities and attractions at the turn of every corner. Huge cities like Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, and Tucson will provide everything you can’t find in nature, from shopping opportunities to professional sports, short-notice flights, and musical events.  

Setting Up Permanent Camp in Arizona

You’ll need more than a few days to explore the entirety of Arizona, so chances are you’ll be staying there for an extended period of time. Campsites and camping grounds are easily found in Arizona and are designed to fit every type of RVer. If you like the outdoors, but still want to enjoy a refreshing shower and other amenities, you can opt for sites like Canyon Point Campground. If your main goal is to spot wildlife, hike seldom visited trails and avoid camping fees, you may want to go for rustic settings like the Hannagan Meadow Campground.

Finding the Right Campsite

Campsites vary in size, shape, amenities, capacity, and attractions. Choosing the “best” campground depends entirely what you want. Some offer picnic tables, showers, flush toilets, RV hookups, and close proximity to the bigger attractions. You may want to check out a list Arizona of the campsites with their respective pros and cons, or check out a directory of the campsites available. A simple Google search will do the trick!

Getting Full-Time Residence in Arizona

It’s no surprise that some RVers fall in love with Arizona so much, they want to call it their new home. Choosing a residence as a full-time RVer sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but it does have many benefits. This is usually a big debate between RVers — some choose to keep their last residence, and other choose to call a new place home. There are several factors that influence this decision: monetary reasons, vehicle and driver license regulations, insurance costs, taxes, and most importantly, sense of identity.

Establishing full-time residency is a tricky process, and requires a lot of research. Each person’s situation is unique, so each person should do their research and choose a new state of residence for their own reasons. In addition, state laws are not designed to cater to full-time RVers, so you usually need to have an honest reason to choose that state, rather than just trying to avoid taxes. Choosing to change permanent residence in a state for tax and money reasons can really get you in serious trouble down the line, so make sure you can prove you have a legit reason to live there.

Requirements to Become a Full-Time Resident

Arizona is not regarded as a huge money-saver when it comes to establishing permanent residence. There are a few other states that are often preferred as they don’t have income or sales taxes (like Alaska and Oregon). However, outdoor lovers are usually fascinated by the beauty and easy-going vibe of Arizona. They feel completely identified with The Grand Canyon State and want to call themselves residents of this amazing place.

Like all states, Arizona has state-specific requirements that need to be filled in order to become a full-time resident. Note that you will have to spend some time in Arizona in order to sort out all the paperwork. There are many steps to becoming a resident, but in a nutshell, the state of Arizona will consider you a resident if any of these apply to you:

  • You’re registered to vote in Arizona.
  • You (or any of your minor children) attend an Arizona public school, without paying nonresident tuition.
  • You have an Arizona driver’s or commercial license.
  • You’re employed in Arizona.
  • You file federal or income taxes as a resident of Arizona.
  • You live in Arizona for more than 7 months in one calendar year.

Note that the following will not be considered as strong proof of residency:

  • Owning a business license in Arizona.
  • Making donations to local organizations.
  • Having a membership with local organizations.
  • Utilities and other local fees paid under your name.
  • Past employment in Arizona.
  • Ownership of property in Arizona.

Arizona offers an awesome chance to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy one of the most emblematic American pastimes and lifestyles. If you are interested in purchasing an RV and setting off on the nomadic lifestyle, contact us today. Our team of qualified specialists will be more than happy to help you find your perfect RV to hit the road and begin the trip of a lifetime. Fill out our online contact form or give us a call now!