Going On an RV Trip With Your Pets


At Kirkland RV, we know that RVing with pets is an amazing way to share your family vacation with your furry friends. It’s a romantic picture really, with your partner, gorgeous scenery and your dog or cat all living in your RV peacefully together.

There are things that you need to consider as a pet owner who intends to take your dog or cat on an RV trip. If it is your first time RVing with pets, you might be wondering, is it even a good idea to take your pets on the road?

tips for rving with pets

Here’s why RV experts think that RVing with cats or dogs is the best decision you’ll make for your family vacation.

Why RVing With Your Pets Is a Good Idea

There are countless benefits of RVing with your pet, here are just a few reasons why camping with your cat or dog is preferable to leaving them.

  • You won’t have to worry about finding boarding for your pet while you are camping.
  • Your pet will be with you — minimizing any separation anxiety your furry friend would have otherwise experienced.
  • Your RV experience will be even more rich with your pets.
  • You will have someone to take long, contemplative walks with.
  • You’ll be traveling with a companion that mirrors your excitement.

As you can see, RVing with dogs or cats is a rewarding experience. If you have pets and want to know the safety protocol for camping with cats and dogs, this article will discuss details about traveling with both.

Have Your Dog Or Cat’s ID Updated

In the unfortunate situation that your dog runs away or wanders off, it’s essential to have current ID information on their animal tags. Without current information, you can’t expect to see your furry friend again.

Take a trip to the pet store before you leave on your RVing trip with your dog or cat and have their tags updated with your current phone number.

It may also be a good idea to have your animal chipped to ensure that you will always be able to find them if they run away.

Don’t Forget To Pack Your Pet’s Information

Your dog or cat has certain information that it is essential to have on hand at all times. You should always keep a record of all the vaccinations your pet has had in your RV as many campgrounds will ask to see proof that your animal has been vaccinated.

It’s also a good idea to keep proof of ownership with you — just in case someone finds your pet if he/she runs away. You may have to prove that you are in fact the owner of your pet to some well-meaning fellow camper.

Be prepared to do this with certification or photographs with you and your pet.

Rving With Dogs

Here’s everything you need to prepare and know when it comes to RVing and camping with your dog.  RVing with your dog can be entirely comfortable and convenient.

If this is your first time taking your dog camping, you might not believe that it can be just as easy as leaving your pet behind, but it’s true.

Here is a list of essential items when taking your dog camping:

Dog Camping Essentials

  • Dog leash and collar
  • Doggy bags
  • Doggy bed or crate
  • Your dog’s favorite toy
  • Dog toiletries (shampoo, brush, toothbrush)
  • Any medication that your dog takes

Rving With Cats

RVing with cats might spark some form of anxiety within you, but trust us, as RVing experts, taking a cat on the road is doable.

All you need are a few camping with cats essentials and you are well on your way to a comfortable trip. Even if your cat has never traveled before, you may be surprised by how easy it is to RV with your cat in tow.

Here are some essential items you need in order to make your RV experience with your cat a comfortable one.

Essentials For Camping With Cats

  • Litter box
  • Extra litter
  • Small scratching post
  • Cat collar
  • Cat leash (in case your cat ever leaves the RV)
  • Cat toys
  • Cat bed

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