The Secret To Getting the Best RV Insurance


Normally when people talk about RVs or motorhomes, it is out of excitement and anticipation. Either a new one has just been purchased in expectation of a new trip, or a used one is in line for some exciting new renovations to make it more comfortable and more interesting.

Maybe there is a big trip coming up, and your family needs to find an RV that can make the long journey more manageable and enjoyable.

Very rarely is RV and motorhome insurance something we want to discuss, and when we do, it’s likely not a pleasant conversation. Insurance is one of those things no one wants to use, but never wants to be without.

If your question today is whether or not to get insurance, the answer is yes. The first reason for this being that your state law probably requires it, and secondly because it protects both you and your finances from any accidents or problems that could arise while owning your RV.

How to Choose Insurance

Finding the right insurance for your RV is not black and white. There are many different variables that play into finding the right insurance policy that meets your needs and your vehicle’s needs. The type and model of your RV, the driving history of the insured parties, the amount of coverage you want, even the state that you live in will factor into which company you will trust to insure your RV.

One of the things that factor into which kind of insurance you get is what exactly you will use your RV or motorhome for. If it comes out during the summer months for short road trips and vacations, you might find insurance options through your homeowner’s policy that can be tailored to this use. If your motorhome or RV is the place you call home, then getting insurance from a company that specializes in RV insurance is advised.

Why Get a Specialized Policy?

It’s true. Your RV or motorhome might qualify as a vehicle. But the auto insurance of most insurance companies doesn’t cover everything about your RV. Here are several of things a specialized RV policy would protect against that regular auto insurance would not.

Replacement of Personal Belongings

Regular auto insurance puts a limit on the personal item they will replace should something terrible happen to your RV. Specialized insurance for your RV or motorhome allows you to set your own cap on the replacement of personal belongings. You may choose to insure only some of the more expensive belongings, or you may instead opt to insure all of your personal belongings, leaving you free to relax knowing that if anything bad happens, you won’t lose all your valuables.

Fulltime Liability

A specialized RV policy will give you full time liability if your vehicle if used as a residence. That way if anyone suffers an injury in or around the RV or needs emergency treatment, you know you’re covered.

Total Replacement

This coverage protects against full RV depreciation. If total loss should occur after having purchased the vehicle, this coverage will replace your RV with a similar one, and maybe even a more expensive one. This is good protection, should depreciation occur.


Whether you have a used RV or a brand new one, your vehicle will experience some wear and damage over time. Repairing various parts of your complex motorhome can be expensive. Finding an insurance that matches your new or used vehicle will help keep these costs down and vacations looking attractive.

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