RV Spring Maintenance With 5 Tips and Checklist


Spring is coming soon and Seattle RV owners across the nation are starting to think about prepping their rigs for the adventures of 2020. Just like any other vehicle, motorhomes require regular maintenance in order to run properly and increase their longevity — especially if your RV has been parked all winter.

If you have road trips planned this year, it’s time to pull the tarp off the RV and tick off your maintenance checklist! And just in case you don’t have an RV maintenance checklist handy, the team of motorhome professionals here at Kirkland RV has put this one together for you.

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Quick RV Spring Maintenance Checklist

1. Check for Damage

Winter is winding down and it’s time to warm up the ol’ family RV! But first, make sure that nothing has broken during the colder months.

Here’s a damage checklist you can run through to make sure your RV successfully survived winter:

  • Check roof sealants for deterioration (e.g. cracking, crumbling, lifting).
  • Check skylights, roof vents, satellite dishes, solar panels, etc. for damage. Did anything fall on these while your RV has been parked?
  • Extend your RV’s awnings and survey these for mildew, mold, or other damage.
  • Extend RV slide-outs and ensure that they are functioning properly.
  • Lubricate slide-outs (use slide-out specific lubrication) and all your RV’s hinges, locks, etc.

Once you’ve checked for and repaired any damage, give your RV a good wash so that you have a clean working space for the coming checklist items.

2. Check RV Tires

Your RV’s tires deflate over time. If your rig has been sitting all winter, you can estimate that it’s been losing 2-3 psi per month. So before hitting the road with your RV, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for tire pressure and check the pressure in each tire with a quality inflation gauge. And don’t forget your spare!

With air pressure out of the way, you should also check your tires’ tread. If your tires are starting to show a lot of wear and tear, then it might be time to consider outfitting your rig with new tires.

2. RV Batteries

Just like tires, batteries also lose energy during storage. RV batteries lose up to 10% of their charge each month, so don’t expect to be roaring out of the garage if you haven’t been periodically charging your battery during the winter!

Here’s a quick guide on how to check your battery’s charge:

  • Take a voltmeter and select DC voltage.
  • Touch the voltmeter’s positive lead to the positive terminal on your battery and the negative lead to the negative terminal on your battery.
  • Check the number displayed on your indicator or screen. If your RV has a 12-volt battery, then the display should read 12.5 to 12.7 volts. Anything less than this means that your battery needs to be charged.

If you try to charge your battery but find that it keeps dying, then this means that you need to replace it. Here at Kirkland RV, we may be able to replace your RV’s battery as part of a spring maintenance check. Contact us to learn about your battery replacement options.

3. Check Your RV’s Water System

Your water system needs to be de-winterized. This includes checking for leaks, sanitizing your system, and running fresh water through everything to ensure every trace of antifreeze has been erased. If you made the mistake of adding antifreeze to your fresh water tank, then you need to be extremely thorough in making sure all the antifreeze gets removed.

Was your water heater bypassed for winterization? If it wasn’t, then you need to drain all the water from the water heater tank. Next, run copious amounts of fresh water through it, and lastly, replace its water filter cartridges.

4. Check Your Oil

Making sure that your RV has a healthy oil level is crucial. Never start up your rig without first checking the oil level in both your RV’s engine and generator.

Next, pull out your owner’s manual and service your generator according to the manual’s instructions. Before turning your generator on, check your exhaust system. Never run a generator with a broken exhaust system.

If you need help repairing your exhaust system or ensuring that your generator is working, give us a call and we’ll help you figure out next steps.

RV Professionals Near You

By ticking off this spring maintenance checklist, you’re laying the foundation for many highly-successful road trips in 2020, but RV preparation doesn’t end here. If you want to go the extra mile to ensure that your RV is ready to handle your travel itinerary, stop by Kirkland RV for a full inspection. Our motorhome experts will make sure that your RV has been successfully prepped for your coming adventures.

To learn more about our motorhome maintenance services, or to ask a question about this checklist, contact us today.