Organize and Have Easier Trips Using These RV Storage Hacks


RV storage is very important. Whether you are traveling for six days or six months, anytime you are in a confined space with other people it’s essential to have space-saving hacks in mind.

RV storage hacks are especially important if you’re going to be traveling with kids.

Here are ten space-saving storage hacks for RVers. These are the best RV hacks that our team of RV experts has to offer, so grab your notebook and a pencil!

organize storage in your rv


1. Make Use Of Organizational Storage Furniture

Organizational furniture is anything but tacky.

Accept the fact that you will be spending a good chunk of time in your RV and own that organizational furniture!

Use bins, baskets, and wall-mounted organizational furniture for days! There are so many wonderful stores and camping stores that offer high-quality RV storage furniture. Make it a point to visit one of these stores before you set out on your vacation.

2. Hang Everything!

This goes in tandem with the preceding RV storage hack.

Make use of spaces that aren’t constantly in use and hang things there. A good example of putting RV space to good use is by hanging a removable curtain rod in areas that aren’t always in use.

You can make a removable curtain rod to go in your shower, and simply remove the rod when you need to shower.

3. When Appliances Aren’t In Use, Use Them For Storage

Not using your oven? How about your microwave? These appliances take up quite a bit of room and are only used once a day at most.

During the hours that they aren’t in use, consider using them as RV storage. You’d be surprised at how much using this RV storage hack can clear up your space.

4. Declutter On The Daily

One of our best RV storage hacks is just to maintain your clutter. Get rid of items that you don’t use.

Declutter on the daily and toss items that you aren’t putting to good use. Follow the one in one out rule, and as soon as you get an item, declutter its equivalent that you haven’t been using.

5. Follow The Old Adage, “A Place For Everything”

You’ve heard the old saying, “ a place for everything and everything in its place.” This saying couldn’t be truer than for RVers.
Have a place for every item that’s in your RV and make sure that you always return each item to its designated spot at the end of each usage.

6. Use As Much Foldable Furniture As Possible

Having a collapsible dining table, folding chairs, and other furniture or appliances that can collapse or be folded is a wonderful way to save space on RV storage.

When you aren’t using some piece of furniture, being able to fold it and clear up a bit of space simply is a wonderful benefit when you live in such confined space.

7. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is your best friend in the world of RVing. If a piece of furniture serves more than one purpose, that is one less thing that you need to worry about storing in your RV.

Once again, Ikea and other furniture stores are the ideal places to find multi-functional furniture and storage-saving pieces for your RV.

8. Get Dishes That “Nest”

Dishes that “nest” one inside of the other is a perfect way to minimize necessary storage space. Buy your dishes in sets and make sure that they are conveniently stackable to save on RV storage space.

9. Maximize Kitchen Space With Hanging Dishes

Only do this if all your wall mounts are very secure! You don’t want dishes being thrown around while you are driving your RV.

If you can manage it, this is the perfect RV storage hack as you minimize the amount of drawer and cupboard space you need by making good use of your wall space.

10. Get Creative With Food Storage

Ever seen any of those cute, hanging fruit hammocks? Not only are they super cute, but they are an excellent hack for saving RV kitchen storage space.

Utilize fruit hooks, baskets, and hammocks for creatively (and aesthetically) storing your fruits or vegetables.

There are so many creative ways that you can beautifully and efficiently store your food while living in your RV. Make use of these conveniences and purchase all of the food storage furniture that you think you’ll need for your RV.

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