With or Without the Comforts of Home: Tent Camping vs. RVing

The outdoors – it is a majestic place, full of great adventures and sights to behold! Think of the Grand Canyon and its natural beauty, or Mount Rushmore with some of our greatest presidents looking down on you. Or maybe you prefer a lesser-known yet beautiful campground that your family has sought out for generations. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of campfires and mosquito attacks or this is your first excursion into the outdoors, you may be having a hard time deciding how you want to camp. Here are a few of the differences between the traditional tent camping and the ever-popular RV:


Tents provide an outdoor experience, but very few comforts of home.


        When you go camping, you need shelter. A tent and a RV both provide this, but with quite a few notable differences. A tent is comparatively cheap, it is easily stored, cleaned and takes up very little space. It will keep out the worst of the elements and keep in heat. But aside from the essentials, tents have little else to offer for shelter.

        An RV will cost much more than a tent and is much harder to store and clean, but when in use, it can do much more than just keep out the worst of the elements. Having a hard roof over your head can be a great comfort when an unexpected storm sweeps through and the trees are whipping about treacherously. When the temperature drops, you won’t awake in the middle of the night shivering. An RV provides better protection from the elements, and they have air conditioning and heating as well.


        A close companion to shelter is sleep. Without a good night’s rest, the remainder of your trip can be soured and unless you are comfortable in a tent. Sleeping on the ground can’t always provide that.

If you use a tent, you can invest in a wide variety of sleeping pads and air mattresses, but no matter how much you experiment and spend on a pad, you are still sleeping on the ground. Pinecones, gravel, sticks and rocks are all out to get you in your sleep. Just one of these can completely ruin a night. However, you do get the experience of sleeping out under the stars.

In your RV, you can spend a night undisturbed by what you are lying upon and be assured that when you awake, you will be refreshed and comfortable. Especially for anyone with an ageing back, this is a great bonus. Elderly couples can still enjoy a beautiful camping vacation without discomfort or pain, and younger families can also sleep soundly and deeply in the great outdoors.



RVs lend an outdoor experience with many of the same comforts of home.

      Aside from keeping you out the elements, a tent offers no amenities or facilities. With a tent you can escape from your life of comforts and experience the outdoors in a much more personal fashion. However, if you wish to keep food cold, you need a cooler. If you want a restroom, you have to go find one. Using an RV will eliminate the need for these things and still keep you close to the nature around you. An RV will have all the amenities of home ranging from refrigerators and icemakers to air conditioning and a private bathroom.



You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in many ways, and whether you do so in a tent or an RV is up to you. But there are great advantages to taking out the RV, especially for those of us who have aging backs and don’t feel the need to spend any more nights being poked by rocks and twigs. Camping is simply an experience that everyone must enjoy at some point or another, and RVing makes the experience more enjoyable and comfortable than ever.