The Benefits of Owning an RV This Summer


Long, sun-filled days, warm nights, beaches, festivals, concerts, road trips; the summer is the prime time of the year to get out and enjoy so many different things. If you are really looking to make the most of your summer than you should certainly consider visiting an RV Sales professional. An RV can truly take your summer from ho-hum to holy cow! There are just so many things to do and things to see and purchases a new or used RV will make it possible for you to do it all!

Benefits of Owning an RV in Summer

So, what are some of the things that you can do with your RV? How will RV sales make your summer even better?

Go Exploring

If you have a sense of adventure than you are going to love the exploration opportunities that will be available to you with an RV. Pack up your RV and hit the open road. Travel from one coast to another and explore all of the sites and attractions that this great country has to offer. Cities, forests, beaches, monuments – you name it. You can see it all with affordable RVs through new or used RV sales.

One of the most popular locations for RV owners is Odell Lake, Oregon. Located in the northwest corner of beautiful Klamath County, Odell Lake reaches six gorgeous miles in length and over a mile wide, drawing campers, fishers, and photographers alike. Additionally, RV owners can bring along their boating equipment for fantastic water skiing and even sailing. With the equally stunning Crescent Lake only four miles away, it’s obvious why RV enthusiasts love this region for activities of any kind. And just think – Oregon is only one of fifty incredible states with hundreds of wonderful RV vacation locations.

National Parks

National Parks have been a glorious addition to the nation ever since Yellowstone’s creation in 1872. With natural treasures spotting each state, the country is now teeming with national parks, welcoming thousands of awestruck visitors each year. Some of the more common national park destinations include the Redwood Forest, the Grand Canyon and the Great Smokey Mountains. Let’s break these down:

Redwood National and State Parks

Over 300,000 visitors indulge themselves in Redwood wonders every year. This comes as no surprise, especially when considering the contents of this stunning region. Ancient trees stretch hundreds of feet into the California air; they protect and nurture a whole host of unique flora, some plants even growing from organic soils hosted by massive limbs. The forest includes multiple ecosystems that serve as homes for birds, fish, and mammals of every type.

What a green paradise! Let your RV transport you to the Redwood Forest – you won’t regret it.

Grand Canyon National Park

Widely recognized as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon is an obvious choice. The sheer majesty of this geological spectacle is enough to render the most seasoned traveler speechless. The Pueblo people made pilgrimages to the Grand Canyon, noting it as a holy site, worthy of more than just mild appreciation.

Camping and RV stays can be arranged with a number of locations, including:

  • Mather Campground
  • Trailer Village
  • Desert View Campground

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Just as the Grand Canyon proves its name, the Great Smokey Mountains live up to their legend, displaying an estimated 187,000 acres of old growth forest. The wild beauty of this region supports a diverse spectrum of flora and fauna, not to mention the actual peaks of solemn majesty. RV owners can access rafting, hiking, camping, exploring, and even downhill skiing. As RV owners already know, RV sales and used RV sales are the key to an unforgettable vacation in the Great Smokey Mountains.

Go Camping in an RV

RV Sales also bring about the enjoyment of local nature. While National Parks welcome visitors from across the nation, some of the greatest RV benefits are just an hour away. Enjoy being one with nature (while still enjoying some modern comforts) and simply go camping with your RV. Hike, go fishing, enjoy action and adventure by day and by night, gather around a campfire and see stars as you have never seen them before. Family bonding and relaxation can be had without days of driving, yet still comforted by a friendly RV.

This is only a taste of what owning an RV can grant. Kirkland RV Sales can outfit you with an RV that fits whatever vacation style you wish to experience, whether it’s supporting a sports team, visiting a national park, or just camping with the family. Contact Kirkland RV Sales today!