The travel trailer motorhome is one of the most versatile types of RV. It comes in various models, such as the expandable, teardrop, and park model. It’s versatility, lightweight construction, and easy set-up and upkeep have made the travel trailer one of the most common choices of RV motorhomes for middle-class families.

Travel Trailers in Redmond WA


The travel trailer is a towable RV that connects to a ball hitch mounted on the tow vehicle. It is designed to provide the basic living quarters for recreational travel but are not designed for permanent residence. Other terms that can be used for the travel trailer are conventional trailer, bumper pull trailer, travel trailer coach, and tag-along trailer.

Because there are several models of the travel trailer, the features can vary widely. We will provide you with a description of the most common types of travel trailers that we see in the Pacific Northwest. Before buying a travel trailer it’s a good idea to consider the various models to ensure that the RV purchased is the best fit for your family, and is within the towing limits of your primary vehicle.

Conventional travel trailer:

These travel trailers have plenty of amenities, such as a separate bathroom and shower, a kitchen, and additional sleeping areas. This is the most common type of travel trailer. It is chosen by families that require sleeping room for 2-6 persons. It does provide more storage than other travel trailer models as well.


Also known as the pop-up trailer, these compact RV’s are inexpensive and easy to manage. These travel trailers generally have much fewer amenities than their counterparts and are usually designed primarily for sleeping. They do, however, provide excellent visibility while driving and because of their light-weight construction are fuel-economical. An expandable can be designed to expand and collapse in one of two ways:

Vertically: On these units, the slightly larger upper portion of the trailer slides down over the bottom half, reducing the height considerably. To expand, a hydraulic lift or crank will raise the upper portion of the travel trailer to full height.

Horizontally: These units have fold-out expansions that extend from the sides of the unit, creating tent-like compartments. These expand and collapse through the use of cranks.

Teardrop Trailer:

Regaining popularity thanks to the minimalist movement, these trailers get their name from the unique tear-shaped profile—pointed in the back and rounded at the nose. Despite the origin of their name, not all teardrop travel trailers are within this subclass of RV but are instead used to classify very small travel trailers.

Teardrop trailers are, generally, extremely compact and lightweight RV’s, easily towed by large cars or SUV’s. There are even teardrop travel trailers small enough to be towed by a motorcycle.

Because of their small size, they provide only the basic necessities; a bed, a small amount of storage, and minimal cooking facilities. Larger teardrop models may have sufficient space to accommodate a fully featured kitchen.

Some of the benefits of a travel trailer are:

  • Open floor plans and variety of models allow for an array of use and family size
  • Provides interior space per length foot—no room is taken up by driving space or engine compartments
  • Tow vehicle provides local transportation
  • Low profile allows for easier entry and attachment than a fifth wheel trailer
  • Low profile removes the concern for top clearance and allows for storage of items such as canoes
  • The standard ball hitch allows the travel trailer to be towed by a variety of vehicles
  • Inexpensive—reasonable costs for a low-income family
  • Fuel economy lowers costs of travel and vacation budget

Naturally, some of the same qualities that make a travel trailer such a popular choice for RV vacationing in the Pacific Northwest are also some of the same aspects that may prompt an RV buyer to choose a different model of RV motorhome instead. Here are some reasons the travel trailer that may not suit every family:

  • The smaller size may not accommodate a full family
  • Small kitchen area, which can be offset by campfire camping during sunny or pleasant days, but may be a source of difficulty during poor weather
  • Not spacious or heavy-duty enough to warrant full-time occupancy
  • Slide-outs and expandable sections can occasionally need repair
  • Will require a vehicle large enough to tow the travel trailer

The Cost of a Travel Trailer Motorhome in Seattle:

The cost of a travel trailer motorhome will require you to consider two aspects when assessing your budget. Firstly, there is the cost of the RV itself. Generally, the cost of a new travel trailer will range from $15,000 to $50,000.

Used travel trailers may be had for significantly less while still purchasing a new and high-quality model. The cost of a used travel trailer RV will range from approximately $1,000 to $25,000, depending on the subclass and additional features of the motorhome.

Secondly, you must consider the additional cost of fuel that you will consume during travel. Because of the weight of the travel trailer, most standard vehicles that may be used for towing will average a decrease of 5-12 miles per gallon of fuel during travel.

Purchasing a Travel Trailer RV:

These small but efficient RV’s are one of the best choices for a new family to select when beginning to participate in RV travel and vacationing. The inexpensive cost and maintenance, easy storage, and minimalist atmosphere are bringing the travel trailer to the top of the lists in popularity.

Our RV dealership has many travel trailer motorhomes available, with prices that range to fit even the smallest budget. View our listings by clicking the image below, or contact our office in Everett, WA to schedule an appointment to see these beauties up close!