Types Of Motorhomes: Need to Know

Types Of Motorhomes


Purchasing a new motorhome is an exciting process, opening the door to a world of new experiences for you and your loved ones. However, before making a purchase, one must understand the types of motorhomes available to choose one that best fits your needs.

The Four Types of Motorhomes

There are four different types of motorhomes for consumers to consider. In the following sections, we’ll cover the basic features of each type.

The Class A Motorhomes

These types of motorhomes are the most sizable options available to consumers. Class A motorhomes are also the most expensive options due to their size, comfort and luxury. With a length of approximately 22-40 feet and a width of over 8 feet, they typically have four to seven sleeping areas, kitchen facilities, and a bathroom with a shower. Because of their large size, most Class A motorhomes come with a V8 engine that provides plenty of power to get you wherever you need to go.

The Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes provide many of the same amenities as the Class A models. However, they feature a shorter length and width, making it much easier to maneuver in and out of tight parking spaces.

The Class B+ Motorhomes

The B+ class is about upgrading to a luxury model without spending a fortune. Class B+ motorhomes offer a compromise between the A and B classes, providing most perks and amenities of the larger models at a more affordable price.

The Class C Motorhomes

Smaller than a Class B, Class C motorhomes provide all the amenities and comfort of a home in a slightly smaller package. The layout and design are similar to a traditional house on wheels, so it has sleeping areas, bathrooms, and a kitchen space like an apartment or condo.

How Do You Choose the Type of Motorhome You Need?

There are a few factors to consider when determining the ideal types of motorhomes for you and your family. First, setting a budget will determine the type of motorhome you can purchase. Next, consider what you will need from your motorhome, including the size and number of beds, amenities, and power sources. Finally, consider the gas mileage of the motorhome you will be driving to your destination of choice.

What Type of RV Is Best For You?

The ideal RV for you depends on your priorities and budget. There are several types of RVs to choose from based on your needs. Before deciding on a particular type of RV to buy, research your options and find one that offers the comfort level you want at a price you can afford.


Purchasing a motorhome can open up a new world of travel opportunities for you and your family. At Kirkland RV Sales, we offer a wide selection of new and used motorhomes for sale, and we can work with you to find the ideal model. Now that you know the types of motorhomes available, call Kirkland RV Sales at (425)710-0064 today for the best-used RV sales and services in Kirkland, WA.