Used RV Hazards: Steering Clear Of Broken Appliances


What should you watch out for in a used RV? Here at Kirkland RV, we carefully screen our used RVs so that we know everything there is to know about what we are selling off our lots. We know what to look for and how to check important aspects of our RVs.

Pre-loved RV hazards with broken appliances

If you’re considering purchasing a used RV, or want to know how to keep an eye out for any appliance problems in your current RV, read on for tips on what to look out for in a used RV.


It the mini-fridge working properly? While there is the occasion where this is as easy to fix as popping in a new fuse, that’s not often the case. Usually, the fix is not simple and rarely cheap. Control panel electronics can fail, costing upwards of $200. Perhaps the cooling unit gave up the ghost, a repair that is both expensive, and difficult. If the refrigerator goes, you could be writing a check for a couple thousand dollars down the road. At that point, you could be better off simply looking at a different used RV.

Air Conditioning

This can be as simple as a broken gasket, or as complicated as a damaged condenser fin or coil. Because of the great amount of wear and tear on an air conditioning unit, these can be worn down quickly from improper care combined with overuse. If the previous owner didn’t bother to ever clean the filter, you may need to budget for a new AC system in a year or two.


Check to ensure that the oven is working properly. Is there a gassy smell when it’s turned on? There could be a leak. Just be sure not to look around with a match or an open flame—the ensuing burst of flames would quickly let you know if there was a leak. Take a peek at the burners. Are they in working order as well?


If an RV wasn’t properly winterized, freezing temperatures may have destroyed the plumbing. Damaged water pumps, cracked water lines, or a split in the waste tanks are all expensive fixes that will give you a headache. Carefully check the plumbing before purchasing an RV.

For first time RV owners looking for a good deal, beware of purchasing directly from another RV-owner. Many times the seller will be unaware of problems due to the lack of use of the RV, or will have monetary motives for keeping you in the dark on potential problems. Purchasing through a used RV company will ensure that you know as much as we do about the RV you’re considering as a home away from home. Contact us so we can help you find the perfect RV for you.