Points to Consider – Used Vs. New RVs


Is it better to purchase used RVs or new RVs? If you have chosen to venture out and purchase a recreational vehicle (RV), congratulations! These versatile vehicles are an excellent alternative to traditional forms of travel and often cheaper over the long term.

The experts at Kirkland RV Sales offer a few tips that might make the vehicle purchasing decision easier.


buying new vs used rv

Price Differences: Used RVs or New RVs

RVs get you out on the open road and enjoy the benefits of this travel lifestyle, but how do you choose the right fit? As with most large purchases, a reliable used model is often the less expensive option when purchasing an RV. However, it is a crucial decision, and you will need to base it on what will work best for you and your family in terms of safety, functionality, and affordability. 

What does your family need in terms of space, sleeping arrangements, kitchen appliances, and bathroom necessities? Buying used motorhomes offers significant advantages for most buyers if it comes from a reputable source like Kirkland RV Sales. A new RV will depreciate in value after just a few years, and it is not the best investment if you are hoping to resell; used RVs represent far better resale value.

Weigh the Maintenance and Renovation Costs

While buying a used RV is more cost-effective than purchasing a new one, there are additional factors to consider. The overall condition of the used RV matters since owners tend to have fun with them and do not always care for the vehicle well. It’s worth considering whether you will need to renovate it and how much it will cost to maintain on average. 

Trustworthy options like Kirkland RV Sales make sure that you know the details of your preferred vehicle before you make an offer on it, including whether it needs repairs on interior damage. Our leisure experts highly recommend making a list of necessary features before you start looking into used RVs or new RVs. A checklist will help you examine the vehicle to ensure it meets your family’s requirements before you think about the purchase.

Consider Potential Camping Locations

Another consideration for purchasing a new or used RV is the location to which you will travel. Are there campgrounds you prefer to see, and do these have any special requirements? Many vacation or camping areas have age limits for the vehicles that choose to stay there, like the “10-year rule” that tries to prioritize the aesthetics of the campground by prohibiting vehicles older than a decade.

Is There More Access to Financing for Used RVs or New RVs?

It is clear that financing is a vital consideration for buying new vs. used RV options. Banks offer better loan terms on purchasing new RVs, but that is only one of the factors that could sway your decision. A new RV loan could get lower interest rates and down payments, but used RVs may not even require you to apply for a loan.

Used RVs also offer a greater return on your initial investment, especially if you do not need to put in much for renovations, maintenance, or roadworthiness.

It is an exciting time to purchase a recreational vehicle and take the luxuries of home with you wherever you go. Does a purchase of new or used RVs make any difference? The experts at Kirkland RV Sales would be happy to show you a few options to help you decide — call us today for more information about used RVs or new RVs.