What Is Dry Camping


What is dry camping with an RV? 

If you’re getting ready to embark on a dry camping adventure and want to be prepared for what it’s going to entail, then this article is for you. 

Continue reading to learn more about what dry camping is and to hear some of the best tips for people who are new to dry camping.

What Is Dry Camping? 

Dry camping (also known as boondocking) is a form of RV camping that involves going off grid and staying at undeveloped locations that don’t have hookups — as opposed to traditional RV camping which is done at an outfitted campsite. 

What is dry camping

Tips For RV Dry Camping 

What are some helpful tips that can make dry camping simpler and more convenient? 

Here at Kirkland RV, we’re passionate about all things camping-related and so our team has compiled a list of five dry camping tips to help you on your adventures. 

  1. Before going on an extended dry camping trip, try a couple of shorter run-throughs just to make sure you get the hang of everything before attempting a longer trip. 
  2. Be conservative with your water. Because you will be camping away from campsites and amenities, you need to be very careful spending your water supply. Practice taking shorter showers and washing your dishes in a water-conserving manner.
  3. Pack foods that keep for a long time and don’t require refrigeration. 
  4. Unplug devices when they aren’t in use to conserve energy. 
  5. Plan your trip in advance and know how much food, water, and fuel you will need so that you don’t have any shortages during your dry camping trip. 

Pros & Cons Of Dry Camping In a Travel Trailer

What are the advantages of dry camping as opposed to traditional camping? 

Some of the best perks of dry camping include: 

  • It’s cheaper than traditional camping since you don’t have to rent a campsite spot. 
  • It can be more idyllic as it gets you further out in nature, away from other campers and busy campsites.  
  • It gives you a break from the fast-paced, noisy outside world and allows you to have lots of peaceful times of reflection. 

Some of the potential downsides of dry camping include:

  • The need for extensive planning. 
  • You don’t have convenient hook ups on hand when you need them. 

Best Spots For Dry Camping RV In WA State 

If you are looking for idyllic places to do dry camping in Washington State, here are seven suggestions for your next adventure in the great outdoors. 

  1. Twentynine Pines Campground
  2. Lake Wenatchee
  3. Godman Campground
  4. Big Meadow Lake
  5. Campbell Tree Grove Campground 
  6. Hozomeen Campground
  7. Ranger Creek Airstrip 

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