Where Can I Park My RV Long Term


Are you a world explorer who needs to slow down a little? Even the most adventurous among us may at some point crave the stability that long-term RV camping can offer. 

Taking a break from the road and parking your RV at a campsite or RV park for a few months can be the perfect way to recharge. Long-term RV camping is a popular and cost-effective option for those looking to save some money and enjoy peace and quiet for a time. 

Where Can I Park my RV to Live

Perks of Long-Term RV Camping

There are many benefits to long-term RV camping, but the most popular is the cost-effectiveness of it. Most RV sites offer discounts for long-term campers or even work exchange programs. 

In addition, long-term RV camping has the benefit of providing more stability as you won’t have to constantly search for the best local food or nearest laundromat. 

But where can you park an RV to live? In addition to searching the web for, “where can I park my RV to live near me?” continue reading to get a taste of the many options available for long-term RV campers. 

Where Can I Park my RV to Live?

Now that you know the benefits of long-term RV camping, you just need to choose a spot. But how do you find where to live in an rv? Whether it’s for a few months or you’re looking to settle down for a number of years, here are some of the best options for parking an RV long-term:

  • County Parks. Many county parks offer long-term RV camping at a very low cost. Some even provide a site at no charge in exchange for work as a camp host. To find the best spot near you, simply search the web with, “where can I park my RV to live in near me.” 
  • Long-Term RV Camp Sites. As RV camping has grown in popularity, so have the options of where to stay. Again, a quick web search with, “where can you live in an rv” will pull up countless options. Long term sites come with a small fee but may be worth it for the conveniences offered such as laundromats, hookups, and sometimes even community pools and kitchens. 
  • Bureau of Land Management Lands. In the U.S. there are large portions of federally owned land managed by the Bureau of Land Management that are available for free camping. The downside is that these locations require dry camping which means no hookups available. However, if living somewhat off the grid strikes your fancy, this may be just the choice for you. 
  • Permanent RV Spot. The last option is for those looking to settle down permanently in an RV. There are locations with lots available for purchase. Once you buy the lot, the only future cost will be utilities. 

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