RV Waste Disposal Stations Near You


Figuring out where to dump RV waste is the bane of many travelers’ existence. RV waste is smelly and can create a really unpleasant road trip experience if it isn’t dealt with correctly.  

If this is your first time embarking on a motorhome trip, finding out where to dump waste from RVs can be confusing and stressful. 

If you’ve been asking the question, “where can you dump RV waste?”, continue reading or get in touch with Kirkland RV today to speak with a knowledgeable RV specialist.

RV Waste dump stations near me 

Finding the Right Places to Dump Your RV Waste

RV dumping can’t be done just anywhere. Dumping RV holding tanks that are filled with human waste can harm the environment — especially if the wastewater makes its way into streams. For this reason, open dumping is illegal and will result in a large fine for RVers who break this law.

You may be wondering, but where do you dump RV waste as a camper? If you’re not permitted to dump it in most places, where can you safely dispose of your RV’s waste without incurring a fine?

The following sections give you four places where you can safely dispose of your RV waste. 

RV Parks & Campgrounds

One of the benefits that come with reserving a campsite or spot at an RV park is that most facilities have designated areas for campers to dump RV waste. 

Truck Stops & Gasoline Stations

While not all truck stops or gas stations have places to dump RV waste, many that are close to national parks or other recreational spots will have an RV waste station. 

RV Dealerships

RV dealerships where the lot rents RVs will sometimes have RV waste dump sites (occasionally free but more commonly accessible at a small fee). 


Due to the fact that boats possess holding tanks similar to that of RVs, many marinas have dumping facilities that RVers may also use. 

RV Waste Dumping Etiquette

Now that you know the places to dump RV waste, it’s time to explore the etiquette of RV waste dumping. While it may sound unnecessary, there is dumping etiquette which, if followed, will ensure that no feathers are ruffled at your campsite. 

Five rules of etiquette to follow while using an RV dump station include: 

  1. Dump your black water tank first (this will allow your gray water tank to wash away some of the black water tank residue — something other campers will thank you for).
  2. Always leave the dumping station in order, as clean (or cleaner) than when you found it. 
  3. Rinse your tanks after each dump. 
  4. Be respectful of other campers who are also using the facilities. 
  5. Avoid dumping your black water tank until it’s two-thirds of the way full. 

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