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Used RV Depreciation – Factors, Rates, Method

I’m sure by now that you’ve been doing some shopping online and have a good idea of how much you’re going to pay for a used RV vs a new RV. But knowing how much you’ll pay and knowing how much it’ll be worth later are two different things. Such research requires a bit of […]


Used RV Hazards: Steering Clear Of Broken Appliances

What should you watch out for in a used RV? Here at Kirkland RV, we carefully screen our used RVs so that we know everything there is to know about what we are selling off our lots. We know what to look for and how to check important aspects of our RVs. If you’re considering […]


Avoid Water Damage In Your Used RV

Used RVs can be wonderful investments. Many of them were only used once or twice before their owners realized they didn’t have time, energy, or opportunities to use their RV. Other families run into financial trouble, an all too common problem in this economy, and recreational vehicles are often the first thing sold. Because of […]