3 Best Winter RV Vacation Destinations


Having an RV allows you to be able to go camping in any season. With such benefits as saving travel time, money, and storage space heading out to the great outdoors in your RV is just as enjoyable in the winter as it is in warmer months. Activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and more, gives winter RV vacations plenty to offer the intrepid traveler. In our last blog post, we discussed the many reasons winter RVing can be the perfect way to spend your winter vacation this holiday season.

RV winter destinations

In this post, we continue the theme of winter RVing, this time jumping into different locations worth visiting this winter. Are you a hiker? History enthusiast? This quick list has something for everyone, and it is completely RV friendly. This winter, bring the comfort of home to some of the most beautiful and fascinating spots in the northwest.

1) Cape Disappointment State Park

Located by the Columbia River bar on the southern border of Washington, Cape Disappointment is anything but disappointing. The campground itself has ample room for RVs, especially during these winter months, and the facilities are convenient and clean. The forested area is beautiful, scattered with rock pillars—some reaching several stories tall—that lead from the campgrounds to the beach. The wind-swept shore is breathtaking at any time of the year, with silver sands, crashing waves, and towering black rock cliffs to the north.

If you are a hiker, short trails are available to both lighthouses, offering a wide view of the coast and river mouth. Also available to visitors is the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, where you can learn all about the famous expedition to the Pacific Ocean over 200 years ago. For more historical insight, be sure to visit Fort Columbia, just a short drive from the campgrounds. The fort was built over a hundred years ago and, while now inactive, the well-preserved military quarters and guns are still a sight to see. Check out the commanding officer’s quarters to see how a military leader would have lived at the turn of the century.

2) Howard Miller Steelhead Park

Howard Miller Steelhead Park gives visitors the chance to experience the Skagit River in rare form during winter months. Although it offers cabins and tent grounds, the park is extra accommodating to trailers and RVs, with sites offering up to 50 amp plugs and plenty of room to maneuver.

Winter presents many opportunities to enjoy the local wildlife, including the largest gathering of bald eagles in the contiguous United States, when hundreds of our national birds migrate to feast on salmon. Visit the Skagit River Bald Eagle Interpretation Center to learn more about the eagle watching events and other local opportunities.

Even when eagles aren’t the main attraction, the trails surrounding the park give you plenty of chances to glimpse wildlife. As you walk along the turquoise Skagit waters, keep your eyes peeled for deer, elk, beaver, and any other wildlife that may be out for a stroll. If you’re drawn to the river, it’s perfect for boating and fishing. Check local fishing regulations and pack the tackle!

3) Rain Forest Resort Village

Have you ever wanted to spend a week in a rainforest? Well, this is your chance! Rain Forest Resort Village is an RV-friendly campground located on the Olympic Peninsula, right on the shores of lovely Lake Quinault. The area has been called the “Valley of the Rain Forest Giants,” as it is home to some of the biggest trees in the world. In fact, the largest spruce tree on the planet can be found in the resort, with a circumference of 58 feet, 11 inches, towering 191 feet into the sky. The entire valley is a wonderland of ancient growth and mossy forest cathedrals.

In the park and surrounding areas, hiking, backpacking, photography, and fishing opportunities abound, so don’t forget to bring your gear. After a full day of exploring, the resort provides all the RV accommodations you need to rest, relax, and prepare for another awe-inspiring day.

Need a Ride?

These parks are perfect places to experience Washington winter at its finest, and driving an RV is the best choice for comfort and safety. If you are looking for a new or used RV to begin an adventure this season, swing by Kirkland RV. Our large selection and trustworthy service will let you find the RV that best fits your needs. For more information, contact us today by giving us a call or by filling out our contact form.