April RV Destination of the Month: Crater Lake National Park


With warmer temperatures on the thermometer, it’s promising to be a great summer for a used motorhome vacation. We’re dedicated to helping ensure all your used RV travels lead to pleasant memories and wonderful experiences, which is why we’ll be featuring a favorite RV destination each month!

This month, we’re diverting our attention slightly away from the Seattle used RV scene, and giving a little bit more love to the state of Oregon. We present to you our April RV destination of the month, Crater Lake National Park!

Where’s That?

For those who might be unfamiliar, Crater Lake National Park is located down South in Prospect, Oregon. It’s a beautiful slice of Pacific Northwest paradise, lush with greenery and appropriately named for the enormous water-filled crater that reaches depths of 1,900 feet. Careful not to let your used trailer go rolling into it!

RV Park Specs

With over 57 paved, wide spaces for your used RV, Crater Lake RV park sits right by the entrance to Crater Lake National Park. Acting as your ultimate portal to the beautiful green forest scenes, rivers, and lake, it offers all the amenities needed to keep you and your family comfortable, whether you’ve come in a modest used trailer or a lavish used Class-A gas RV.

There are countless activities to experience during your stay, beyond just enjoying the scenes. Fishing, off-road vehicle trails, and beautiful hikes are among the many recreational activities that Crater Lake RV park has to offer.

One thing to note is that, while the RV park is family-friendly and open to all folks, the park owners prefer children that are well-behaved and request that they not run rampant through the park. Remember, it’s always cool to have respect for other used RV and used motorhome owners trying to enjoy their vacation.

What Makes it Special

Crater Lake National Park might be over 300 miles away from Seattle, but it has fabulous views and offers a unique look into one of nature’s many wonders. It’s just far enough away for you to enjoy the amenities of your used RV and have a fresh experience with your family, or even enjoy some time on your own.

With special events, BBQ and bonfire setups, waterfalls, creeks, mountains, lakes, and the unmitigated serenity of being out near one of the United States’ most recognized national parks, we consider the Crater Lake RV Park an absolute must to visit.

If that all sounds good to you, then you’re probably already hopping into your fifth wheel or Class C RV to make the trip. Be sure to check out the directions to make sure that you don’t get lost on your journey, or wind up in the lake itself!

Or perhaps we’ve enticed you with the beauty of Crater Lake, but you are not yet set up with a used RV to begin all your glorious adventures in nature. If that’s the case, then we’re your go-to resource.

As a premier Seattle used RV dealership, we’re recognized by our wide spectrum of used RVs and used motorhomes, but we also provide the Seattle area with top customer service, tailored to your RV needs. Come see us today, and let’s start the adventure!