How To Attach a TV Mount To An RV Wall – The Basics

How to attach a TV Mount to an RV Wall


Mounting a TV in an RV is a tricky undertaking. 

Whether you’re replacing your RVs current TV or you’re installing your RVs very first TV, the installation process may seem daunting at first.

If you are looking for tips on how to attach a TV mount to an RV wall or you are in search of the best RV TV mount for your camper or trailer, continue reading or give Kirkland RV a call today.  

How to attach a TV Mount to an RV Wall

How To Attach a TV Mount To An RV Wall

Here are six simple steps for how to attach a TV mount to an RV wall:

  1. Choose the spot inside your RV or travel trailer where you’d like to mount your TV (make sure that you choose a spot that is easily viewable from various points in the RV). 
  2. Measure your wall to ensure that your TV and mount brackets will fit in your preferred location.
  3. Choose a TV mount that is the correct size for your TV (there should be instructions and measurements found on both your TV as well as potential mounts). 
  4. Follow the instructions on your chosen RV TV mount to attach the mount to the wall. 
  5. After you’ve securely attached the RV TV wall mount to the wall, follow the provided instructions to fix your TV to the mount. 
  6. Enjoy your new TV!

When it comes to how to mount a TV in a travel trailer, the steps will be no different than the ones listed above. Please consult your RV TV mount instructions if you’re unsure how to attach your specific TV mount to your travel trailer wall. 

Different Types of RV TV Mount Brackets

While there are many different types of RV TV mount brackets for you to choose from, certain factors (like the size of your TV and your TV viewing preferences) will help you determine which RV TV mount will work best for you. 

Here are four of the most popular RV TV mount types:

  1. Flat wall mounts. Due to their ease of installation, these are one of the most common types of RV TV mounts on the market. Flat mounts are fixed (non-adjustable) and are ideal if you have one set location in your RV where you watch TV.
  2. Tilt mounts. This RV TV mount type allows you to tilt your TV screen for a better viewing experience. 
  3. Articulating TV mounts. These are perhaps the most versatile type of RV TV mount and enable you to watch TV from more than one location within your RV.
  4. Desk TV mounts. These may be mounted on a desk, countertop, or bookshelf and are ideal for RVers who want to be able to mount TVs or computer monitors. 

How To Attach a TV Mount To An RV Wall: 4 Hacks

Here are four tips for how to attach a TV mount to an RV wall as well as tips for how to optimize your TV viewing experience while on the road.


  1. Place your TV in a place where you can easily watch it (don’t put it behind or near furniture that might obscure viewing).
  2. Keep in mind your RVs space and make sure that you put your TV in a place where it won’t make your RV feel crowded. 
  3. Keep your cables organized by tying them (also to prevent tripping hazards) and make sure to keep your remote in a designated spot. 
  4. Make sure to check your RV wall before mounting the TV to ensure that the wall is strong enough to support the weight of your wall mount and TV.


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