The Best RV Destinations: Warm, Leisurly Arizona


Winter. For those of us who live in the Northwest, that word conjures up a picture of grey, overcast skies; wet, dripping trees; puddles; umbrellas; and head colds. After all the “hip-hip-hurrah” of the holiday season is over, our winter spirit gets thrown out with the Christmas tree. In fact, the post-Christmas, pre-Spring months can be filled with dreariness and depression. For those of us who are not as spry as we once were, the continual cold and damp begins to gnaw away at our joints and makes our bones ache. 

Best RV Destinations in Arizona

It’s time for a change, an adventure, or at least a little bit of sunshine! Take your RV to the sunny state of Arizona during the winter months in the northwest. 

Good news! In other states in the USA, “winter” doesn’t mean snow, slush, ice, and substitute teachers. It means crisp, cool nights, and a pleasant suntan in the 80’s around noon.

In the spirit of escaping to more comfortable weather, here are three resorts that we consider some of the best RV destinations in Arizona.

Eagle View RV Resort

“Asah Gweh Oou-o,” or the Eagle View Resort, is a high ranking vacationing spot on the list of possibilities. With a mountain view, near-by rivers, and historical settings, this place is packed full of beauty.

Only four hours away from the Grand Canyon itself, and only two minutes away from Starbucks, Target, and Subway…what more could you need? Along the lines of entertainment, the Eagle View Resort offers an incredibly wide variety. It has a little something for everyone: gaming, craft fairs, horseback riding, golfing, river tubing, and college level sports. Bring along the dog, or bring along the whole family and a few friends and neighbors–no one can possibly be bored!

Patagonia Lake State Park

When you hear the word “Patagonia” what comes to mind? How about the quote from Princess Bride when Westley tells Buttercup, “The real Dread Pirate Roberts retired 15 years ago and is living like a king in Patagonia.”

Well, whether or not Westley had this particular Patagonia in mind is beside the question. Patagonia Lake State Park and its other facilities are a big success! With scenic views, numerous hikes available, bird watches, and endless water activity, Patagonia Lake is blossoming with happy campers! Whether or not you choose to retire there for 15 years is your choice, but once you stay a couple of weeks there’s a good chance you’ll be hooked.

Leisure Valley RV Resort

How about a name that really says it all? You could stop reading this article right here and know everything you need to know about this particular RV resort. Heated swimming pools, golfing, duck races in the desert, and historical museums in the area for those who are interested. After a day packed with activities, cruise around and choose from forty different dining options before heading home for a round of bowling, or a cozy hour in front of the TV.

Sleep in late and then enjoy a pancake breakfast in the mornings before setting out to enjoy another day spent in Leisure.

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