Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Travel Trailer


Are you planning on buying a travel trailer in the near future? Maybe you are a first-time buyer and unsure of the specifics of purchasing your own travel trailer.

If this is you, first off, congratulations about making the decision to buy a travel trailer!

Travel trailers are wonderful vehicles that allow road trippers both convenience and luxury while traveling. If you are planning the ultimate summer road trip this year, or are looking into a portable home that will allow you to travel full-time, a travel trailer might just be the perfect solution for you.

purchasing travel trailer

This article discusses everything you need to know about buying a travel trailer so that you can make the purchase with complete confidence that you have chosen the right vehicle for you.

How You Will Be Using Your Travel Trailer?

First off, know how you will be using your travel trailer. This will help you so much when it comes to buying. Knowing how your plan on using your travel trailer will eliminate options that wouldn’t be ideal for your travel situation.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when determining the use of your travel trailer:

How many weeks or months do I plan on spending living in this travel trailer? Is it a long term or short term travel vehicle? What will the climate be like in the destinations where I plan on going?

If you are planning on driving in a colder climate, you will want to ensure that the travel trailer you buy has good insulation to withstand cold temperatures. If you will be doing a good deal of desert camping, high-quality window shades, as well as a solid AC unit, are a must.

Determining the usage of your travel trailer will aid you in the decision-making process when it comes to buying and will ensure that you end up with the best vehicle for you and your upcoming trip.

Must-Have Features For Your Travel Trailer

Having a travel trailer that possesses convenient features is a must if you are planning on spending lengths of time living in your vehicle.

Must-have features include:

    • Easy towing and handling. This will help you save so much time and hassle in the long run. You want to be able to quickly move from your campsite, which makes towing and handling a feature that you shouldn’t compromise on. Easy towing and handling makes it so that if you have several days of busy road-tripping planned you can easily move from campsite to campsite.
    • Air Con. As mentioned above, a good air conditioning unit is a must-have for your travel trailer. Many people travel solely during the hottest months of the year — making an air conditioner absolutely necessity.
    • Hot water heater. This adds a huge level of convenience to travel trailer life and will save you so much time and effort. Just bypass all of the inconvenience by ensuring that your travel trailer comes equipped with a water heater.
    • Refrigerator. If you are thinking about doing a long road trip a refrigerator is a must-have. Food prep time and the amount of mess in your kitchen will be greatly minimized simply by having a refrigerator where you can store food without the aftermath of having a chest full of melted ice and soggy food leftovers.
    • Bathroom fan. This will help you keep mold and moisture at bay and also prevent your bathroom from smelling musty. A bathroom fan just makes everyone’s lives easier since it doesn’t subject all road trippers to the permanent stench of a damp bathroom.

Know What To Expect In Regards To Investment

So how much money should you expect to pay for your travel trailer? Well, that is a good question but the answer isn’t entirely helpful. It depends.

How much money you invest in your travel trailer will depend on your travel style, how long you plan on owning the vehicle, as well as the condition of the trailer itself.

You should know from the beginning that the price you pay for the travel trailer itself is not the final sum, you will have to make repairs, have vehicle check-ups, and so on that will cost you. You should be setting aside a small sum yearly to go towards travel trailer maintenance and the like and should be scheduling routine tune-ups to make sure your trailer is in good working order.

Once you decide on a travel trailer to go with, you may find it helpful to look up what the average travel trailer owner is setting aside financially each year for vehicle maintenance.

Don’t Forget About Your Tow Vehicle

While you are focusing on all the amenities and the excitement of buying a travel trailer, don’t forget that you also need to be considering your tow vehicle. The strength of your tow vehicle will also be a deciding factor as to the size of your travel trailer.

You cannot overload your tow vehicle. Doing so can cause great damage to your tow vehicle and just isn’t worth the risk. Make sure that you know how much weight your family vehicle can tow prior to buying your travel trailer to avoid any towing issues.

Know The Dealership

Finding a trustworthy travel trailer dealership with a good history of satisfied customers will aid you so much in your search for the perfect travel vehicle. Look up online reviews about the dealership, compare pricing, and swing by our lot to meet the team.

Here at Kirkland RV, we pride ourselves in only selling reliable travel trailers that are in pristine condition. If you have any travel trailer related questions or would like to view some of the travel trailers that we have for sale, contact Kirkland RV today and our team would be more than happy to help you find the perfect trailer for you.