Class B Motorhomes

The Class B Motorhome is the perfect fit for anyone looking to travel and still keep it simple. This style motorhome is a wonderful choice for Renton families. Also known as “Camper Vans,” they are smaller RV’s that do not have all the perks of more expensive options. Most have a limited selection of appliances and amenities that make perfect solutions for families seeking the “camping” experience. These Motorhomes are an excellent option for Renton residents wanting to keep the cost down while enjoying their vacation time.

Class B Motorhomes Renton WA

Should I purchase a Class B RV?

Class B RVs usually include:

  • Sleeping Area
  • Bathroom
  • Living Area
  • Storage
  • Raised Ceilings so occupants may stand

Due to the lightweight nature and compact size, Class B vehicles are noted for their fuel efficiency in the RV market.

One of the best things about a Class B vehicle is that operates and behaves like a standard vehicle. Allowing you the convenience of finding parking easily in places like parking garages, grocery stores, and gas stations with the feeling that you are in a minivan. Because of their compact size, these vehicles are wonderful for one or two people but can quickly become cramped for families.

While for some the limited number of amenities is positive, some find this to be less than ideal. If you are not accustomed to small spaces, a Class B can quickly begin to feel tight and uncomfortable. However, if you are a lover of Tiny Homes you will enjoy the compact nature of RV’s as they offer a much “closer to nature” overall experience.

What is the Cost of a Class B RV?

Small size or not, Class B RV’s are still usually in the range of $50,000 and $100,000 dollars. Thankfully, upkeep and repairs are not as expensive by comparison to much larger RV’s. Be sure not to take the investment in an RV lightly, and be sure to stay consistent on maintenance, repairs, and check-ups, ensuring that your RV will last. 

If you have interest in taking a look at some Class B motorhomes take a look at our listings. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or stop by our Renton area location to view our new and used RV’s.

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