Finding that perfect balance between comfort and utility can be tricky when it comes to picking the right RV for your needs. For Bellevue locals seeking to find their ideal motorhome, the Class B RV makes an excellent choice for families or adventurous retirees.

Due to their smaller size and width, these RVs are commonly referred to as ”camper vans”. While their amenities and utilities tend to be somewhat more limited than other RV classes, Class Bs are often a perfect fit for anyone looking to go RV “camping”, rather than living the RV lifestyle full time. Having a Class B for your weekends and vacations is a great way to save money on accommodations and other costs when you travel, while still having modest but efficient comfort on your travels.

Class B RVs in Bellevue

Class B RV’s for Bellevue Residents

The interior of a Class B RV includes bathroom facilities, sleeping accommodations, a living space, and extra storage compartments. Furthermore, camper vans like the Class B have a higher-than-standard ceiling to allow the average person to stand up comfortably inside. Best of all, thanks to its smaller size and lighter overall displacement, Class B vehicles provide some of the best fuel economy of any RV on the market.

For most owners in and around Bellevue, the greatest benefit to owning a Class B is the easy handling on the road and while parking. Finding larger parking spaces or having to park further away from entrances in order to park is never an issue at most grocery stores or shopping centers with the Class B’s reasonable size, and pulling up to the fuel pump is no more difficult than maneuvering a minivan.

The one minor drawback to the Class B RV is the occupancy limit. Class B RVs are great for one or two individual adults, but exceeding that can make things a bit cramped inside during travel or extended stays. However, if you don’t mind a smaller interior living space, Class B motorhomes are a great option for anyone in Bellevue looking for a comfortable indoor space, but who also plan on spending a lot of their time outdoors.


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