Looking to keep travel simple yet comfortable? The Class B motorhome might be the perfect fit for you and your family! These small RVs are commonly known as “camper vans”. With limited amenities and appliances, these smaller motorhomes are perfect for those seeking to keep the ‘camping’ experience and are a great resource for those looking to keep costs down as they enjoy vacations and travels.

Class B Motorhome RVs


Should I Buy a Class B RV

Class B RVs are expanded to include a sleeping area, bathroom, living space, and additional storage. The ceiling of the van is also raised to allow occupants to stand inside. Because of its contained size and lightweight, Class B vehicles are known for being the most fuel-efficient RV on the market.

One of the great benefits of Class B vehicles is that they can behave like a regular vehicle if you need them to. Finding a parking spot at the grocery store, pulling in to fill up on gas, or parking in the garage is as simple as if you were driving a minivan. Keep in mind, however, these vehicles are great for one, maybe two occupants, but if you start to include many more, it will begin to get cramped.

Just as some would see the limited space and amenities as ideal, others would see these factors as deal-breakers. For those accustomed to small spaces, the Class B can quickly start to feel tight and uncomfortable. Others, however, enjoy the compact RV’s as they offer a closer to nature experience.

The Cost of a Class B RV

Despite their small size, Class B RVs can still cost anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000 dollars. While maintenance repairs are often not as expensive as those required for bigger RVs, regular checkups and repairs are a necessary part of ensuring your investment lasts.

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