Living in Bellevue is a unique privilege. Many residents consider this beautiful city, just across Lake Washington from booming Seattle, one of the best places to live, work and start a business in the whole country. Yet for all of that, there’s something that even Bellevue doesn’t have for sale.

Used Class C RVs Near Me in Bellevue

Bellevue is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty in the form of pristine lakes, ancient and quiet temperate rainforests, astonishing mountains, and clean rivers for hundreds of miles in every direction, a Class C motorhome does the job nicely.


Class C Motorhomes in Bellevue

Shaped more or less like a big rental moving truck and about the same size, class C motorhomes have been one of the most popular options for travelers ever since they were introduced in the 1970s. These motorhomes are just as luxurious as the larger, more bus-like class A motorhomes, and because of their more abundant sleeping areas, they tend to be a better fit for families with children.

Class C motorhomes are adaptable to almost any group of travel companions, whether you have a big family or it’s just you, your spouse and a pet. Class C motorhomes are smaller than class A RVs, and sometimes lack some Class A-level amenities, but they offer more possibilities. Find some with slide-out expansions and other novel features on newer models.


Many Benefits of Class C’s

There are many benefits to owning a class C motorhome:

  • Maneuverability is easy! Anyone who’s ever driven a rental moving truck before can do it without any trouble. Those who haven’t can safely learn as they go with low risk of harm.
  • The driving area directly connects to the living area. Even while the RV moves, passengers can access the whole vehicle.
  • Designers construct the cockpit to be the safest possible configurations of all classes of RVs.
  • With its rear hitch receiver, a class C motorhome can tow another vehicle or support a cargo-carrying platform.
  • The driving cabin is smaller and can separate from the living area by a curtain. This makes the cabin easier to heat or cool than in a class A motorhome.
  • The living areas are spacious and expandable with available slide-out options.
  • The distinctive “cab-over” bunk space above the cockpit gives the class C enough room for as many as eight adults to sleep comfortably. This is more than any other class of motorhome.

Prospective buyers should also consider some downsides of class C motorhomes. Some buyers may find the beneficial qualities outweigh the nuisances. Some of these potential drawbacks may include:

  • Class C motorhomes can be tricky to maneuver in confined spaces due to their size.
  • You may need to use an alternate form of transportation for narrow side streets or city traffic. This occurs where class C motorhomes are too big to pass through safely.
  • With the exception of some of the largest models, class C motorhomes aren’t usually spacious enough to live in full-time.
  • Slide-outs require repair work in the event of a malfunction.

Budgeting for a Class C Motorhome

When considering the purchase cost of an RV, keep in mind that new models of class C motorhomes generally range in price from $30,000 to $100,000. However, a used model may start as low as $8,000. The range of prices has much to do with how many slideouts each RV has, along with other features.
Fuel economy represents something that owners pay close attention to when making a purchase. Class C RVs usually achieve around 8 to 12 miles per gallon, whereas most class A models cost between $.50 to $1 per mile to run, on average.



If you believe the best move for your family is to buy a Class C motorhome, we have many available right now in our dealership. Even a family on the tightest of budgets can find an RV at the right price. Click on the photos below to view listings. To see these fun vehicles for yourself, make an appointment by contacting our office in Everett today!

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