Not sure where to begin your RV adventure in the Pacific Northwest? Start on Seattle’s Eastside! Bothell, a pleasant little city known for its water-based activities near Lake Washington, is home to many local RV parks offering fishing, recreation, playgrounds, outdoor activities, and hiking trails. If you are ready to start your RV adventure in Bothell, we have your class c motorhome options in the Snohomish and King County areas.

Used Class C RVs Near Me in Bothell

Class C RVs and Motorhomes in Bothell

Class C RVs are a popular and excellent option for RV travelers of every kind in Bothell and King County. Dating back to the 1970s, Class C recreational vehicles (RVs) are the most common type of RV on the road today. Roughly the size of a moving truck, these RVs are as luxurious as Class A motorhomes, but on a smaller scale. Additionally, Class C RVs are ideal for families with many children because they include ample sleeping areas and storage spaces.

Known as a mini-motorhome, the Class C RV  is incredibly popular throughout the United States. The Class C can be custom-fit for a small number of travelers, such as two retirees, up to a large number of travelers,  such as a family with several children. Class C RVs include the greatest range of options for slide-outs and features among all motorhome classes.


Benefits of a Class C Motorhome in Bothell

Class C RVs and motorhomes have several advantages when it comes to traveling.

  • Maneuverability: If you have experience driving a large van or truck similar to a moving truck, you can easily maneuver and handle this type of motorhome.
  • Accessibility: The driver’s cab is open and connected to the living area, allowing passengers to communicate easily with the driver.
  • Safety: The construction of the driving cab is one of the safest designs among RVs.
  • Towing: You can carry a vehicle or small trailer behind the Class C motorhome.
  • Comfortable:. A curtain is available to divide the cockpit from the living compartment to ensure comfortable heat and air conditioning levels.
  • Space: You can quickly add space to your living compartment with the available slide-outs. There is also additional sleeping space with the cab-over bunk, and Class C Rvs can sleep up to eight adults.


Downsides of a Class C Motorhome to Consider

Potential buyers should consider not only the benefits of Class C RVs, but also possible drawbacks to owning a Class C motorhome. While not necessarily a problem for every buyer, these potential issues include the following.

  • Parking Problems: If you attempt to maneuver this type of motorhome in a parking lot with limited space you may have difficult, due to the size of the motorhome.
  • Alternate Transportation: You may need alternative transportation to drive through and tour some cities, as many of these motorhome models are too large for smaller streets.
  • Access to the Garage: If you do not have access to a garage large enough to hold the motorhome, it could sustain damage from weather.
  • Not a Main Home: The Class C is too small to make it your main home unless you choose a large model.
  • Malfunctioning Slide-Outs: Slide-outs and other parts may malfunction and require repairs.


Cost of Class C Motorhomes in Bothell

When deciding if a Class C motorhome is an ideal choice for you, your family, and your budget, there are a couple of things to consider. Initially, you should plan for the cost of the RV. A new-model Class C RV costs approximately $30,000 to $100,000 in the Bothell area.

However, you can purchase a used Class C motorhome for much less. Used class C RVs range from as low as $8,000 up to $30,000. The prices vary depending on the number of features and slide-outs the motorhome has.

Another consideration is the fuel economy of your vehicle. Class C RVs regularly get 8 to 12 miles per gallon, while a Class A motorhome is significantly higher. A Class A RV in Bothell can cost as much as 50 cents to $1 per mile.


Buying a Class C Motorhome in Bothell

Do you want to start your RV adventure with a Class C motorhome in the King County area? Our RV dealership in Everett has many Class C RVs available, with prices that fit into even the tightest budget. View our listings by clicking the image below, or contact our office and schedule an appointment to see these beautiful recreational vehicles up close!


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