Cold Weather RV Camping Tips


What is RV camping in wintertime like? What are useful things to know when RVing in the winter?

Living in an RV in the wintertime is a whole other experience from being on the road in the summer. The weather is harsher, the wind stronger, and you’ll need to prepare and pack differently than they would during a summer road trip.

If you’re curious about living in an RV in cold weather, continue reading to learn some of the most helpful tips for winter RVing.

Winter rv camping

Winter RV Camping Tips

To help you enjoy your winter vacation, here are some expert tips for how to travel in an RV during the winter:

  1. Driving an old RV? Upgrade the insulation to reduce energy consumption and keep your rig warm.
  2. Make sure the windows and doors of your RV are properly sealed.
  3. Get heavy window drapes to keep the heat in and the cold out.
  4. Protect your RVs plumbing by using a space heater, blow dryer, or another anti-freeze device. Heat taping your pipes and hoses is another great tip.
  5. Install covers on your RV vents.
  6. Pack lots of warm, layer-able clothes and beanies.
  7. Pack warm sleeping bags that are rated for zero and sub-zero temperatures.
  8. Pack headlamps, lanterns, and strong flashlights as the sun goes down earlier in the wintertime.
  9. Bring tire chains, emergency food, water, and a shovel — just in case your RV ever gets snowed in.
  10. Closely monitor the weather over the duration of your road trip and make sure that you’re always looking ahead to ensure that you don’t hit dangerous weather unexpectedly. Look out for black ice while driving as this can lead to accidents.
  11. Make sure to have backup plans in case the weather or other conditions force you to be flexible.
  12. Bring lots of indoor road-tripping activities to keep things fun.
  13. Keep track of propane stations along your route.
  14. Check with campgrounds ahead of time to ensure that they’re open.
  15. Bring a few electric blankets.

Pros & Cons of RVing in Cold Weather

RV camping in cold weather comes with its pros and cons. Some of the advantages include:

  • Fewer other campers to compete with for sites.
  • Less traffic on the roads.
  • A more intimate, bonding camping experience with just your family and friends.
  • RVing in cold weather is a more cozy experience.
  • You can do snow-based activities.

Cons of winter RVing include:

  • Potentially more danger (as roads can be slick with ice).
  • Fewer open campsites.
  • Less access to activities.
  • Fewer outdoor activities.
  • More potential for cabin fever as most of your time will be spent in the RV.

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