Easy On-The-Road Fixes For When Your RV Breaks


Traveling in your RV can be a wonderful and memorable experience. But when your refrigerator stops keeping things cool, or you find water seeping out from underneath your sink, things stop being quite so cheery.

While some elements of RV repair may require professional assistance, there are several temporary and permanent repairs you can do on your own to get your vacation back to being an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Here are some things you can do when your RV has a…

Repairing your RV on the road

Leaky Faucet

As much as we wish things were indestructible and unbreakable, they are not. The complexity of an RVs water system lends itself to several possible problems that can occasionally arise.

For a leaky faucet, a swap of faucets is all that should be necessary to solve your problem. This process is even simpler for leaky shower fixtures, though parts are not always as readily available. Supplies for your faucet replacement should at least include a new faucet, a basin wrench, and some plumbers putty, all of which can be purchased at any local home center.

Many damaged water lines result from lines being frozen after the cold winter. A way to protect your RV from experiencing damaged water lines is to drain your water tanks before putting your RV away. If, when you turn on your water system in preparation for an upcoming, you discover water coming from a place water should not be, it is time for a few repairs.

Burst Water Line

Most water lines used in RVs these days are made of plastic, though older models can be found with copper lines. For a burst plastic line with a small split, simply cut out the section with the split and refit the two ends together with a fitting. For longer splits that require a large section of the line to be removed, you will need two fittings and a piece of line of similar length to the part you cut out. Fit either end of the new line to the ends of the current line, and secure them with the fittings.

Once you’ve removed the section of line that has split, take the line to your local hardware store or RV dealer to get the proper supplies to permanently complete the project.

Leaky Roof

Time and exposure can cause damage to the rubber membrane on the roof of your RV. Punctures can be caused by falling tree branches and cracks can appears thanks to wear and tear.

For a quick repair, purchase some temporary roof sealing tape that matches the membrane of your roof and use it to cover exposed areas. More permanent repairs can be performed once you get back home, and will likely include the use of sealants or caulking.

Toilet Not Filling /Overfilling

Having a toilet that is easily accessible is one of the perks of owning an RV. But when the toilet stops working correctly, this previously pleasant addition can turn into a nightmare. A few of the most common problems people have with their RV’s toilet is that water will not run to fill the bowl, or the water won’t stop running.

In either case, there is likely a problem with either the blade seals or the water valve. A lack of water would indicate that the seal is old and hard won’t allow water flow. A continual flow of water shows that the valve is not closing completely.

Repairing the piece requires turning off the water, removing the toilet and repairing the necessary parts by following the manufacturer’s instruction. Completing the project is not as bad as it sounds, so long as you cover the hole to the black water tank to keep the odors at bay.

Appliances Will Not Work

Sometimes appliances will just stop working for us. Whether it be your refrigerator, your water heater, or your stove, there are a few steps you can try to get them back in working order. Pull the propane tank out and check to see if it’s full. If it is not, try getting it filled and then hooking it back up.

Also check your coach battery and be sure you have enough power to get your electrical appliances working. Check the fluid levels and try charging it if it has died.

If both your propane tank and battery appear to be in good shape, the next possibility is that something within the line is broken. For the propane, check the hose connection, fittings, and regulator. Inspect the appliances for any debris or clutter that can cause problems or rust.

Getting Help with RV Repairs

The best way to avoid any problems on the road is to properly prepare your RV by checking all your appliances and equipment before you go. Some repairs are not so easy to fix, and will require time, resources, and skill to repair.

If you have discovered an issue with your RV that you would like assistance with, our team here at Kirkland RV would be happy to work with you. Contact us by giving us a call or sending us an email. We’d love to work with you so you can enjoy relaxing and uneventful travels.