How to Get Rid of a Garbage Smell in an RV

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Garbage smells can make even the nicest RV nearly uninhabitable. The foul-smelling odor can overwhelm an RV rather quickly, making it feel like a trash dump more than a camper. That’s why Kirkland RV Sales put together a few tips to help you get rid of garbage smells in RVs, allowing you to enjoy your next road trip or family vacation.

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Ways To Get Rid of Garage Smell

Clean Up Your RV Trash Regularly

The best way to prevent garbage smells from overtaking your RV is to empty the trash regularly. Rotten food and old cooking grease emit putrid odors when they sit in the garbage too long. Always take out the trash as soon as it’s full to prevent garbage smells.

Keep RV Trash Can’s Surroundings Clean

Frequently cleaning around your trash can will help you get rid of garbage smells in your RV before they become overwhelming. It’s best to wash your RV’s trash can’s surroundings a few times a week to ensure everything smells fresh and clean year-round.

Use of Scented Trash Can Liners

Scented trash can liners hinder foul-smelling odors before they engulf your RV. Although they won’t completely eliminate garbage smells, they make them more tolerable and allow you to fill your trash can higher before taking it out.

Use a Deodorizer

Like scented trash can liners, deodorizers mask garbage smells instead of eradicating them. It’s a band-aid solution but can efficiently hamper the odors for a limited time.

Regularly Clean Sinks and Drain Pipes

Sometimes old food accumulates within your sinks and drainpipes and emits putrid odors over time. Always clean your sinks and drain pipes to prevent old food from stinking up your RV.

Maintain Proper Ventilation

High-quality ventilation can do wonders for a foul-smelling RV. It reduces stinky odors and allows clean air into your camper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Garbage Smell in RVs

How Often Do You Need To Clean RV Waste?

Experts recommend cleaning your black tank (waste tank) every three to five days. Cleaning your black tank once a week is the best way to prevent sewer smells in RVs.

How Do You Clean RV Garbage?

Cleaning your RV is like cleaning your home. Taking out the trash, cleaning the fixtures, and performing other chores will help your RV stay in pristine condition throughout the year.

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