Gift Ideas for RVers This Holiday Season


It’s the time of year again to spread the Christmas cheer! One way we do this is by giving gifts to each other. However, when it comes to the RVers in your life, whether they are your grandparents, your parents, or your friends, it can be difficult to know what you should give them. Maybe you can’t afford to buy them that brand new RV, but you can probably grab a few great accessories. To help you out, we’ve compiled this list of neat Christmas gift ideas for RVers.

Gift Ideas for RVers During the Christmas Season

Kitchen Supplies

Since RVers live on their RV’s for weeks or even months at a time, they like to feel as comfortable at home as possible. Having a well-supplied kitchen is crucial to this comfortable living. However, before you go out and buy your RVing friend a huge bread dough kneading machine or a full-sized dishwasher, realize that RVs are limited on space. Small kitchen items such as a Magic Bullet Blender or a nice set of kitchen knives are perfect for outfitting an RV that is tight on space.

Vacuum Cleaner

RV floors have a strong propensity to attract dirt since RVers often trek around in the great outdoors. For this reason, a vacuum cleaner is a great gift idea for RVers. However, you don’t want to go out and buy a huge vacuum cleaner since it might be difficult to store in the small confines of an RV. You can find some good small vacuums on Amazon for around $50-150.

Folding Table and Chairs

One of the main proposes for RVing is to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Enjoying the outdoors, however, doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on the ground in uncomfortable backpackers fashion. Unfolding chairs and tables provide a comfortable outdoor living experience and are easy to store in small spaces. Folding chairs run around $15-20 a piece, and folding tables can run around $50-100.

Backup Camera System

What could be more stressful than backing up without seeing what’s behind you? This is what many RVers have to do since RVs are so large and hard to see around. To take the stress off of backing up, you could buy your RVing friend a backup camera system. This provides a video screen with live footage that drivers can use to make sure they aren’t running into anything. You can find some great backup cameras online for less than $100.


No one really enjoys getting lost. A GPS (global positioning system) is an excellent way to ensure RVers reach their destinations quickly. While at this point, GPSs don’t always provide perfect directions, they sure beat arguing over a tattered up road map. Most GPSs can be mounted on dashboards and windows, and are basic and easy to use. You can shop for a GPS online and they usually range from $100-300.

Outdoor Weather Station

These convenient little stations are placed on the inside of an RV and, with the aid of a probe on the outside, can tell RVers what the weather conditions are like. A weather station is convenient since it can let RVers know how they should dress before they leave their RVs. It’s also just interesting to know what it’s like outside.

Electronic Reader

Unsurprisingly, many RVers are serious bookworms. One great gift idea for the RVing bookworms in your life is to get them an electric reader such as an iPad, a Kindle, or a Nook. One e-reader can contain many books at a time, they save space, they’re lightweight, and can even be easier to read than books. Also, e-books are great since font sizes can be adjusted, which can help those whose eyes have become harder at seeing. One of the best things about electric readers is that their prices start at less than $100.

The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass

Traveling to national parks and federal recreational lands is one of the beauties of RVing. RVers can travel to and spend time at these parks and lands while enjoying both the comforts of RVing the beauty of the outdoors. Since national parks and recreational lands cost money to keep up, the government requires that visitors buy recreation passes to use these lands. A great gift idea for your RVing friends is to buy a pass for them.

Campground and RV Club Membership

You can also buy a campground or RV club membership for RVers. Having a campground pass at a frequented campground can greatly reduce the price of RVing. An RV club membership is advantageous to an RVer since clubs provide technical help, special deals at campgrounds, and a means of socialization while RVing.