A Guide to RV Warranties


RV warranties

RV warranties are one of the most daunting aspects of making an RV purchase. If it’s your first time purchasing an RV, this article will be your guide to navigating RV warranties. 

As experts in the field of RVing, we get questions all the time about RV warranties. We know that warranties can be a confusing topic for new RVers, and so have created this guide to help you navigate it for the first time.

Are RV Warranties Necessary? 

RV repairs can be costly. This is because specialized mechanics must repair RVs, and it’s usually necessary to order unique parts to fix problems. RV repair parts can run you into the hundreds of dollars while labor costs typically hover around the $100 mark. 

Also, this means that if you ever need RV repairs, you could find yourself out several hundred dollars. 

While some new RVers might think that their RV isn’t likely to have any issues, according to statistics, around 30% of RVs will have some problems within the first two years. 

Even more shocking, around 80% of RVs will have a mechanical failure before year five. With statistics like these, it’s essential to consider RV warranties as a safety net option. 

What is RV Warranty?

An RV warranty is essentially a service contract that states that your RV is covered should it need repairs or towing. They usually cover repair costs for many aspects of your RV (such as slideouts, hot water or air conditioning systems, etc.). Depending on your specific RV and seller, your warranty will cover different aspects of RV repair.

What is an RV Extended Warranty?

An extended RV warranty is one that exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty. An Extended RV warranty usually lasts between one and several years. Also, this extended warranty is very explicit about what is covered and what is not. In addition, it can be beneficial for avid RVers who use their vehicles a lot and want to ensure that they are protected.

What are the Best Extended RV Warranties?

What are the best-extended RV warranties, and where can I purchase one? Many online brokers provide extended RV warranties. As the market for extended RV warranties is continuously changing and many brokers change the things they cover, we’d suggest you look at a current list of extended warranty providers. 

Certainly, you have the option of purchasing an extended RV warranty through your dealership that you buy your RV from.

Have RV Warranty Questions? Give Us a Call!

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