Is an Extended RV Warranty Worth it?


Extended RV warranties can be very helpful for many reasons. Knowing that your RV has extensive insurance coverage brings peace of mind and a degree of budget control. However, some RV owners approach the topic of extended warranty with a degree of hesitation because they’re not sure if it’s worth the cost.

Understanding their purpose and value, as well as having the right expectations, can make an extended warranty well worth the money. For the right price and coverage, extended warranties make a lot of sense. Learning more about the ‘ins and outs’ and ‘pros and cons’ of an extended warranty can help you evaluate whether or not an extended RV warranty is right for you.


Ins and Outs of an Extended RV Warranty

A ‘warranty’ as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as, “A usually written guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker’s responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts”.

A standard warranty, as described above, is usually issued by the manufacturer of a product and is included in the price of the product. An extended warranty is a little different, as it may or may not be issued by the manufacturer. It also provides coverage for a period of time beyond the original manufacturer’s warranty. This extended coverage costs an additional fee or “premium”. An extended warranty may also be referred to as an extended service contract.

In most states, extended warranties are not treated as insurance and therefore they are not regulated by state insurance commissioners. When purchasing an extended warranty it is recommended that you use a plan backed by an insurance company so you can ensure that it is regulated and secure.

Extended warranties are not appropriate in every circumstance, but when it comes to RV repairs, they can be a life-saver. Repairs on your RV can cost upwards of several thousand dollars, which would be a devastating hit to your bank account.

The Pros of an Extended RV Warranty

1. Peace of mind

Avoiding surprise expenses of costly RV repairs is one major benefit that accompanies an extended warranty. Knowing that unexpected, large-scale repairs will be covered with the warranty can leave you free to relax and enjoy your travels.

2. Budget Control

In the same way that insurance can cover for major financial expenses, such as car accidents and health issues, an extended warranty can cover some of the expenses of RV repairs. Unless you’re someone that has thousands of dollars saved up for unexpected RV expenses, having extended warranty coverage can be very valuable.


The Cons of an Extended RV Warranty

Extended warranty coverage is designed to repair or replace defective parts, but does not cover for the regular maintenance of your RV. When shopping for extended RV warranties, be sure you aren’t purchasing one with the idea that it will cover the following:

  • Regular maintenance expenses
  • Repairs that were needed prior to purchasing the extended warranty
  • Fill all gaps in your RV insurance
  • Provide roadside assistance (specialty roadside assistance plans are much better)
  • Cover rust, corrosion, or poorly maintained vehicles

Buying an extended warranty can be very beneficial, but be sure to pick a plan that has the value, coverage, contract protection, flexibility, convenience, and service that you need. Extended warranties don’t have to be purchased at the same time you buy the RV, but keep in mind that the longer you wait to purchase the extended warranty, the more expensive the coverage will be.

When purchasing a used RV think about what you need in a warranty. How much coverage and service will you need, and how much do you want to spend on that coverage? For more information on extended RV warranties, contact us by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.