How To Buy a Used RV


Do you want to enjoy the RV lifestyle but do not have enough money to buy a new one? Perhaps you want to sample the lifestyle before deciding whether or not to commit fully. In both scenarios, buying a used RV offers the best solution.

Buying a used RV, however, might not be as straightforward as you might think. This article will offer you some valuable tips as it guides you through how to buy a used RV.

Benefits of Buying a Used RV

When purchasing a used camper, there is no way for you to tell how long it’s been since its production. Sometimes, it will have some wear and tear that will need fixing before you can take it out on the road. With that being said, various advantages come with buying a used camper, including:

  • Cheaper insurance
  • The option of redecorating, customizing, and upgrading the RV’s components
  • More cost-effective than buying a new one


How To Buy a Used RV

The Buying Process

Even with these and more benefits, you will still expose yourself to certain risks when you buy a used RV. The best way to ensure that you get it right is to approach the process with a clearly outlined plan.

However, creating a plan can be challenging, with different resources pulling you this way and that. That’s why we thought we would make this guide to help you through the buying process.

1.     Set Your Budget

How much money are you willing to spend? By setting a budget early on, you can narrow down your options. Your budget will determine the features, age, and size of the camper you can get.

2.     Determine Your Desired Features

Determine what type of camper you want. A lot of research is needed in this step because there are many options available, from travel trailers to motorhomes.

The RV’s features will determine the level of comfort you will have when on the open road. Come up with a list of features your desired RV must include to help you find the right option.

3.     More and More Research

The research does not end after finding the RV you wish to buy. You will still need to dig deeper to find the fair market value of your desired RV. Doing so will allow you to negotiate with the knowledge of what a good deal would be.

After that, research reputable and trustworthy dealerships. Who you buy your used RV from is a critical factor in determining how legitimate the transaction will be.

4.     Inspect the RV

Make sure you thoroughly inspect the RV yourself. Check that the features and appliances are working. Check the drawers and cabinets for soft spots to detect potential signs of water damage. Review the RV’s overall condition and determine how long it is likely to last. It would be best if you also took it out for a test drive.

If everything is to your liking, you can proceed to finalize the purchase and take ownership of your used RV.

Quality Used RVs in Great Condition

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