Living in North Bend is great for outdoorsy people. Living so close to two massive national parks means that you’re never too far from adventure. However, if you want to make the most of your next excursion, then now is the perfect time to get a new RV.

At Kirkland RV, we understand what it takes to get out and explore the world around us. That’s why we offer so many great deals on a wide selection of used motorhomes. No matter what sort of lifestyle you’re into, we have the best RV for you and your family.

Used RVs for sale in North Bend

Motorhomes for North Bend Travelers

If you’re new to the world of RVs, then it can be a little overwhelming at first. With so many models to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re picking the right one for your travel necessities? At Kirkland RV, we make sure that North Bend residents can browse our full selection so that they know they’re making an informed decision.

With that in mind, we want to offer some insight into the various makes and models of RVs that we carry. Learning more about their capabilities will help facilitate a decision and ensure that you and your family have all of the accommodations you need while out on the road.


Class A Motorhomes

Are you looking for an RV that will rival with your home? If so, a Class A model is going to be your best bet. This is the largest class of motorhome, and they can come with a wide array of luxurious amenities that will make it feel like you’re traveling in a four-star hotel.

Used Class A RVs in North Bend

When looking at Class A motorhomes, you want to pay attention to some crucial elements.

  • Expansion – many of these rides will open up to provide additional living space. These rigs are perfect for spending time with family and friends, and you won’t have to worry about squeezing in together to make everyone fit.
  • Length – driving a Class A motorhome can be challenging at first, particularly when it comes to making turns. In some cases, you may have to avoid certain side streets so that you don’t get stuck. We recommend practicing a few times before heading out on the road.
  • Fuel Costs – traveling in luxury can come with a sizeable price tag, especially when you consider fuel. Make sure that you’re aware of the expenses that come with this vehicle so that it’s not a surprise later on.

Overall, we highly recommend Class A motorhomes if you want the best of the best. They’re perfect for the RV lifestyle, so if you plan on traveling a lot in your rig, then you’ll probably want as many amenities as possible.

Class A Diesel Pushers

If you want the pomp and circumstance of a Class A RV, but you want to mitigate your fuel expenses, then we highly suggest buying a diesel pusher instead. Diesel is much more efficient than regular gasoline, and in many cases, it can be cheaper per gallon.

These models are the same as standard Class A motorhomes, except that they have a diesel engine in the rear of the vehicle (hence the “pusher” part of the name). At Kirkland RV, we have many of these models available for our North Bend residents.


Class B Motorhomes

If a Class A RV seems like too much for your needs, then you may prefer something smaller and sleeker, like a Class B. These motorhomes are perfect for weekend getaways, as their diminutive stature and agility enable you to travel anywhere without any problems.

Used Class B RVs in North Bend

These RVs are also called camper vans because they’re essentially a large van with living accommodations. Traveling with a large group may feel a bit tight, but Class B models are ideal for single adventurers or pairs.

Traveling in these RVs is a lot of fun, and they are much more cost-effective than their Class A counterparts. Most of them have sufficient living spaces for a few nights on the road (or out camping), and they may extend on the roof to give you more room for sleeping.


Class C Motorhomes

Let’s say that you’re looking for an RV that can accommodate yourself, your partner, and your children. Class A models are too expensive, and Class B options are too small. Fortunately, Class C motorhomes are just right.

Used Class C RVs in North Bend

You can usually tell when a motorhome is a Class C because of its distinctive over-cab design. These units are perfect for families that want to get away for a little while, as they have enough room for four or five people, but they won’t cost as much in fuel as a Class A.

Although they’re a little smaller, these RVs still come with plenty of amenities. Usually, you can find models with a shower, kitchen, and multiple beds so that everyone has a place to sleep. When you check out our selection, be sure to browse the features that are most important to you so that you can find the RV of your dreams.

Whether you’re camping, going on a road trip, or just engaging in a fun staycation around the North Bend area, Class C motorhomes are going to be an excellent choice.


Fifth Wheel RVs

For many RVers, getting a model that can drive itself is an ideal choice. However, if you have a pickup truck, then you may prefer getting a fifth wheel trailer instead.

Used Fifth-wheel trailers in North Bend

These mobile homes can be massive, which means that you can find one that can accommodate everyone in your travel party, be it kids or friends. Fifth wheels are also distinctive because they have a section that sticks out over the bed of your pickup truck. That being said, you do have to have a pickup to tow these models, so an SUV or other truck models won’t work.

We like fifth wheel trailers because they come with so many accommodations and features, and we’re sure that you and your family will love our selection.

North Bend Travel Trailers

Much like Class B motorhomes, these trailers are designed for weekend getaways. With just enough room to make bunking for the night comfortable, you can take your travel trailer anywhere you like.

Used Travel Trailers in North Bend

The advantage of getting one of these models is that you can tow it with almost anything. Trucks, SUVs, even capable cars can pull a trailer relatively easily, meaning that you have versatile options when hitting the road.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or you’re just on a budget, travel trailers are the perfect way to spend time on the road without breaking the bank. At Kirkland RV, we have a wide selection of models in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Bring the family along and see what we have to offer.

The Kirkland RV Difference

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