Interesting RV Facts Infographic

RVing has become a popular vacation option. This comes as no surprise as it offers excitement and fun to everyone from young families to retired couples.

For anyone who loves facts and RVs, this infographic from Daily Infographic is perfect. It presents quite a few facts and statistics in a beautiful, artistic graphic. The article opens with a section on RVing and why so many choose to make this form of recreation their prefered vacation plan. “Afraid of traveling with your kids in a small car for long periods of time?” it reads. “An RV is a perfect option for traveling families. It is like having the luxury of traveling with your own home! Since RVs come with beds and kitchens, you won’t return home tired and achy, instead, you’ll return energized with fond memories you created with your family on your RV trip. Give it a try! If you’re hesitant, consult today’s infographic for more information!”

The infographic looks at a multitude of RV trends and stats from every aspect of the activity. Here it is… Enjoy!


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Happy RVing!