Complete RV Traveling Guide


Whether you’re considering full-time RVing or living in an RV short-term, having a thorough RV travel guide does wonders to ensure that you are maximally prepared for life on the road.

Going from living in an apartment or house to living in a tiny space can be quite an adjustment. Life on the road is typically accompanied by lots of culture shocks and at times, discomfort. But knowing what to expect from RV living can prepare you and minimize culture-shock discomforts significantly.

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Complete RV Traveling Guide

Your Complete RV Camping Guide

When it comes to travel trailer guides, Kirkland RV is here to provide you with an extensive RV guide to help you on your adventure.

RV travel guides are especially helpful for first-time or new RVers who want a complete guide to full-time RVing so that they’re aware of all the things that will come with the lifestyle.

Life On the Road 101

While each road trip is highly individual, here is a loose outline of steps you should take to prepare for your road trip.

  1. Choose your destination. There are so many good places to road trip in the United States that it can be difficult to choose a destination. If you’re planning a long-haul trip, you can select multiple destinations to satisfy your wanderlust.
  2. Find and book your campsites along the way. There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at a campsite and discovering that all the spots are in use. To avoid this stress, make sure that you book your campsites ahead of time.
  3. Do a test run to get the hang of your rig. Load your RV, find where to put things, and get familiar with the layout, feel, and space of your RV.
  4. Make a packing list. RV checklists are one of the handiest tools in ensuring that no essentials are left behind as you embark on your great road-tripping adventure.
  5. Practice driving your RV. If you’re new to handling large vehicles, you may want to take your rig out for a test drive to maximize your confidence on the road.
  6. Have your RV inspected prior to embarking on your adventure. There are few things more frustrating than having your trip interrupted by vehicle trouble. To avoid this, make sure that you have an RV mechanic inspect your vehicle ahead of time.
  7. Make sure you have a place for everything. Organization is key when you’re living in a tiny space, so make sure you stock up on organizational furniture and make sure to always put things back where they belong.
  8. Give yourself wiggle room in your timetable. Things don’t always go as planned on the road, which is why being flexible is key. Make sure that you give yourself a bit of extra time just in case you have to stop at a mechanic or get lost along the way.

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