Different Types of RVs


If this is your first time looking into RV types and you want to make sure that you get the perfect vehicle for an upcoming road trip, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are countless types of RVs on the market, each suited to a different type of traveler with varying practical and accommodation needs. 

Continue reading to learn all about the different types of RVs and campers or get in touch with Kirkland RV to speak with one of our team members about our selection of RVs for sale. 


Different Types of RVs

What Are the Different Types of RVs? 

There are three main types of RVs, each offering its own advantages and disadvantages. See the following sections for a brief overview of the different types of RVs.  

Class A Motorhomes 

This class of motorhome is the most spacious and home-like of all of the RV types. Class A motorhomes are amenity-packed and will usually feature a large living area, full kitchen, washer and dryer, and private sleeping quarters. 

Class B Motorhomes 

This class of motorhome is the smallest type of RV and resembles a large van. While the interior provides enough room for most people to stand up straight, Class B motorhomes are nonetheless quite compact. 

Class B motorhomes, while possessing many of the same amenities as Class A RVs (though some may not have a toilet), lack the spacious feel that Class A motorhomes are defined by. In general, Class B motorhomes are only suitable for solo travelers or a couple and aren’t ideal for family travel. 

Class C Motorhomes 

If you don’t want the tiny living experience but also aren’t sold on Class A motorhomes, why not compromise with a Class C motorhome? 

Class C motorhomes come in a number of different sizes appropriate for many different types of travelers. 

How To Decide Which RV Sizes and Types Are Right For You 

Here are seven questions to ask yourself to determine which type of RV is best suited to your life situation and travel style. 

  1. What is most important to you for your RV to have? 
  2. How much space do you really need? 
  3. How much time will you be spending inside your RV? 
  4. Are you bringing pets along? 
  5. Have you ever lived in an RV before? If so, what would you do differently this time around? 
  6. What’s your strategy for not getting cabin fever? 
  7. Do you have any recreational equipment that you’d like to bring along on your trip?

Find Your Dream Motorhome at Kirkland RV

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