5 Important Tips for RV Spring Maintenance


As you approach spring and plan your travel season with your RV, it’s a good time to think about RV maintenance. Just like your car, home, and even yourself, RVs need regular maintenace – especially important for your used motorhome if you haven’t taken it for a trip since last summer.

Spring-RV-Maintenance Guide

Spring RV Maintenance

Is your RV ill-prepared for your springtime road trip? We want you to keep moving on your road trips, not be stranded on the side of the road or struggling with plumbing problems at your RV park. We’ve compiled an RV maintenance checklist so you know what to look for when it comes to preparing for the new season.

Go over these vital systems ahead of your new adventures in your Class A, Class B or Class C motorhome.


1. Check Your RV’s Tires

Before you take off on your trip, take a look at your RV’s tires. Inspect them thoroughly to confirm there is enough tread left on the tires, and examine all tires for appropriate tire pressure. Note that appropriate tire pressure depends on load weight. A load/inflation table shows you the pounds per square inch (PSI) inflation you need for your RV’s weight. Tires are one of the top priorities for RV maintenance since these vital parts keep your ride moving safely down the road.

2. Examine Your RV’s Battery and Electrical

Another important maintenance check before you go involves the battery and the power it provides to RV appliances. Your battery should be fully charged, which you can check with a multimeter. To perform a battery diagnosis with a multimeter, attach the red lead of the multimeter to the positive terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal. After you turn on the multimeter, make sure that it reads 12 volts DC. This will be your RV battery’s ideal charge and indicates that the battery is fully charged.

You may be able to replace your motorhome’s battery with a lower maintenance or maintenance-free option. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with battery replacement.

3. Clean Your RV’s Plumbing Equipment

Experienced RV owners can attest to the importance of having quality water and sewer hoses in their RV. Make sure that your water and sewer lines are easily accessible and are free of leaks and jams. Your lines should have a good flow and be clean. Sanitize the system with a bleach solution a couple of times per year, especially if you’re about to start on a long trip.

We inspect our used RVs and verify that they meet safety standards. You may not have that same high-quality inspection when you purchase a used motorhome elsewhere.

4. Look Over Seals and Seams

Water seeping into your RV is one of the greatest risks for damage to your RV. If water gets into the smallest crack, it can freeze and expand into a larger problem. The expanded crack may cause leaks in your roof, windows, doors and plumbing. Windows and doors tend to see damaged seals over time, which can let rain inside and make the inside air temperature uncomfortable when it gets too hot or cold. Replace seals as needed, but be sure to check them as part of RV spring maintenance. Apply the right kind of sealant to any cracks.

Additionally, examine your motorhome’s air conditioner to make sure it’s working during hot summer days. Clean the inside filter and the coils so air flows in the most efficient way possible, and run your air conditioner at least once before you hit the road. Refer to your air conditioner’s manual to better understand its regular maintenance requirements.

5. Check Your Motorhome’s Fluids

Make sure to check the oil, anti-freeze, windshield washer, transmission, brake, and hydraulic fluids. Of course, prior to starting the drive to your next campsite, don’t forget to fill up your fuel tank with gas. We have a handy FAQ to help you understand the fuel economy of a used RV that includes plenty of helpful information about how much fuel different types of used RVs consume.


Ready, Set, Drive!

Once your RV maintenance checklist is complete and you’ve checked all of your major components, you’re ready to hit the road! If you’re a new RV owner and not ready to inspect your RV on your own, we would be delighted to give your RV a full inspection and green light it for your road trip. Happy travels!

Kirkland RV is your used RV expert. Contact us to schedule an RV spring maintenance inspection ahead of your next adventure.