Hands down, the most popular luxury RV available is the Class A diesel pusher. It’s no surprise as these RVs feature the best features currently available across RVs. Because of their popularity, economy, and overall performance, Kirkland RV proudly offers a wide selection of Class A diesel pushers in Marysville.

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If you’re looking for an RV that shows off the most accessories and advantages, take our word and look no further than our Class A diesel pushers. Whether you’re hoping for a home away from home, or a luxury and affordable travel option for family vacations, we’ve got an RV that will be the perfect option for you.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn more about the features Class A diesel pushers have to offer.

Marysville Class A Diesel Pushers

Diesel pushers combine fuel efficiency with raw power. Diesel engines offer better gas mileage and a lower RPM than gas-fueled counterparts, while still offering powerful pick-me-up and speed.

The power of the engines and low RPM have their own value as well. These qualities help lengthen the lifespan of the engine and increase the overall life of your RV, meaning less wear and tear and expensive fixes.

Additionally, these high-powered engines excel in difficult terrains. For those of us with an eye to travel through the mountain passes to get, well, anywhere beyond the Pacific Northwest, this is a highly valuable quality. A good Class A diesel pusher is not only up to the challenge of mountain terrain, but they also average 20mph faster than other RVs of similar size.

The frame of a Class A diesel pusher motorhome is an FCCC motorhome chassis with air suspension. Combine this with the stabilizing beams, and you’re in for a smooth, safe ride. Most diesel pushers are also fixed with air brakes to help ensure that mountain traveling is even easier.

Additional Features of a Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome

Our Class A diesel pushers in Marysville offer a wide variety of luxurious accessories and features that add comfort and convenience for the owners. These features will likely include the following;

  • Multiple slide-outs for additional space
  • Modern decor
  • Heated tile or laminate flooring
  • Spacious dining areas
  • Full-size stoves
  • Large refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • High-quality appliances
  • Large flat-screen TVs
  • Full bathrooms, including bathtub and shower
  • Walk-around queen and king size beds
  • Full wardrobes for hanging clothes and draw space
  • Heated side mirrors
  • Extra storage space
  • Eco-friendly light fixtures and appliances
  • Onboard electrical
  • Automatic leveling jacks
  • Solar-powered batteries

Cost of Class A Diesel Pusher in Marysville

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the most luxurious model of RV also comes with the heftiest price tag. The range of accessories and advantages that come with a Class A diesel pusher ups prices, as well as the make and model of the RV you choose.

Most new diesel pushers in Marysville will be priced within the range of $150,000 to $300,000. Customized features will increase these prices.

Used Class A diesel pushers will be priced within the range of $45,000 – $200,000, strongly dependant upon their manufacturing date. Like all vehicles, RVs depreciate rapidly as soon as they are driven off the lot, but this reduction in price doesn’t necessarily mean reduction in value. At Kirkland RV, we are picky about the RVs we bring onto our lots, and we believe that some of the best RVs currently available in Marysville are used Class A diesel pushers.

Buying Your Marysville Class A Diesel Pusher

Ready to start shopping? At Kirkland RV, we proudly offer a wide variety of Class A diesel pushers to our neighbors in Marysville. This includes high-end, customized, feature-rich diesel pushers, as well as the more low-key, yet still luxurious, models. Whether you’re a vacationer, a snow-bird, or a full-timer, we’ve got an RV that will fit your needs and help you achieve your dreams.

Stop by our lot or contact us to schedule a time to come and view our Class A diesel pushers and other used RVs. While you wait, don’t forget to check out our current listings!

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