Class A Diesel Pushers are some of the largest and most luxurious motorhomes found on the market today. They are very popular because they offer an array of great accessories that give travelers many benefits and advantages — especially for those looking for space and luxury. At Kirkland RV, we offer a huge array of used motorhomes, including Class A Diesel Pusher RVs.

Class A Diesel Pushers in Bothell

Benefits of Owning a Class A Diesel Pusher in Bothell

There are many benefits to owning a Class A Diesel Pusher. They are powerful vehicles and are much more fuel efficient than gas-powered engines. Diesel is more expensive than gas, and it’s not always as available. However, diesel-powered engines don’t work as hard and have lower RPMs than gas engines. Because of this, diesel engines suffer less wear and tear, giving you RV a longer lifespan. Also, Diesel Pushers are so powerful that then can drive through mountainous terrain at an average speed of 20 mph faster than their gas counterparts.

Class A Diesel Pushers are built on an FCCC chassis, which boasts of stabilizing beams and suspension. This gives them a smoother, nicer ride with less bouncing and swaying. Since they are big vehicles, Class A Diesel Pushers can be equipped with air brakes for safer traveling. Diesel Pushers have a 60-degree turn radius, one of the best when compared to other RVs on the market.

Diesel Pushers are built with both comfort and safety in mind. Besides their security features, they come with a variety of features and accessories, such as:

  • Luxurious master suite
  • On-board electrical
  • Full bathrooms
  • Heated tile floors
  • Elegant dining area
  • Extra storage space
  • Breathtaking decor
  • Top-quality appliances
  • Large flat-screen TVs

Standard Cost of a Diesel Pusher in Bothell

Although Class A Diesel Pushers come with great benefits and advantages, they also come with a hefty price tag. They also require regular maintenance to keep them in good shape.

The cost of used Diesel Pushers in Seattle can vary greatly, depending on the conditions they are found. However, new Diesel Pushers run anywhere between $150,000 and $300,000 approximately. If you want to get it tailored to your specification, the price can quickly run up even higher.

Diesel Pushers require a lot of maintenance, so you should take this into account if you are looking to purchase one. Professional motorhome service providers can carry regular maintenance, ensuring your vehicle is in good working condition. This will protect your investment and extend your vehicle’s lifespan for years to come.

Considering a Class A Diesel Pusher in Bothell

Purchasing your own RV is always an exciting time, and Class A Diesel Pushers make great acquisitions. You need to start shopping around in order to find the best deal. At Kirkland RVs, we offer huge variety of Class A Motorhomes, including Diesel Pusher RVs. Our prices fit all budgets, so get in touch with us today. Contact us at 425.409.2920 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to helping you find your dream RV!

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