The Class A diesel pusher is one of the most popular RVs currently available — and it’s no wonder. Class A diesel pushers are the largest and most elegant of RVs. At Kirkland RV, we offer a wide selection of these luxurious RVs for all of our Bellevue clients.

For those Bellevue residents that are looking for a magnificent RV that offers all the best accessories and advantages, look no further for your home away from home. A Class A diesel pusher is the only RV option for you.

Class A Diesel Pusher RV near me in Bellevue

Class A Diesel Pushers in Bellevue

Diesel pushers of all classes are both fuel-efficient and powerful — an unusual combination in RV. While diesel fuel is more expensive, diesel engines offer the advantage of better gas mileage. Diesel pusher engines have a lower RPM than their gas-fueled counterparts.

This results in less wear-and-tear on the engine, giving an overall longer life to the RV. Additionally, these high-powered engines are more than up to the task of difficult terrains, such as crossing mountain passes. In fact, they are able to achieve an average of 20mph faster than a gas-fueled RV while driving on steep terrain.

Looking at the frame of a Class A diesel pusher motorhome, it becomes increasingly evident why it’s known as the best in the RV world. Diesel pusher RVs have FCCC motorhome chassis with air suspension. These, and the stabilizing beams give the RV a smooth ride that minimizes swaying and bouncing during travel. Many diesel pushers are (or can be) equipped with air brakes to ensure safe traveling.

Additional Features of a Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome

Class A diesel pushers boast a variety of accessories and features that exponentially augments the comfort and safety they can also offer;

  • Modern decor
  • Heated floors
  • Dining areas
  • Large stoves
  • Sizeable refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • High-quality appliances
  • Large flat-screen TVs
  • Full bathrooms, including bathtub and shower
  • Walk-around queen and king size beds
  • Full wardrobes for hanging clothes and draw space
  • Heated side mirrors
  • Extra storage space
  • Energy-saving light fixtures and appliances
  • On board electrical
  • Automatic levelling jacks
  • Solar powered batteries
  • Multiple slide-outs for additional space

Cost of Class A Diesel Pusher in Bellevue

At Kirkland RV, we are picky about the RVs that we allow on our lots. This means that we keep an eye out for the best there is to offer our Bellevue clients, and this usually means a Class A diesel pusher.

All the value and features that come along with a diesel pusher, however, understandably push up the prices. The year of make and the manufacturer also influence the total cost. Customers should also keep in mind that the additional features can lead to additional maintenance costs, especially for older models.

The price of a new diesel pusher is typically in the range of $150,000 to $300,000. For those who wish to customize their RV, they may expect to pay more. A used diesel pusher, even those only a few years old, are significantly less pricey. The cost of a used diesel pusher in Bellevue will run between $40,000 to $200,000, depending upon the make and model of the RV.

Look at our current listings to learn more about possible prices for a Class A diesel pusher near you.

The best way to keep the value of your RV high is to keep it in good shape. There are several maintenance jobs that ought to be regularly performed by an experienced RV mechanic or other specialized motorhome service company. These tune-ups will help ensure your vehicle is in top-notch condition, reduce the overall amount that you’ll put into repairs over time, and ensure that your investment will last for many years to come.

Buying a Class A Diesel Pusher in Bellevue

Are you interested in having your own Class A diesel pusher? If so, it’s time for you to start searching.

At Kirkland RV, we are proud to offer a wide variety of Class A motorhomes, with prices that are able to fit every budget. Whether you’re looking for luxury on wheels or a full-service home for full-time use, we’re sure that we’ve got some RVs that will suit you.

Check out our current listings or contact our office to ask questions or come to see some of our RVs in person.

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