How to Improve the Camping Experience with an RV


Many people want to get a taste of the outdoors but haven’t had a great camping experience before. Camping can be very difficult your first time around, especially if you have children coming along. Kids often don’t adapt well to life without a bathroom, a soft bed, or a television. While camping may seem adventurous at first, it can lose its glimmer for kids and adults alike after a couple of days. Does this mean you can’t go on that outdoor nature adventure you wanted? If you are in this dilemma, consider traveling by an RV. It can provide you with a camping-like experience while allowing you the comfort of home.

Improve Camping Experience with an RV

The main advantages of an RV over traditional camping are general ease, mobility, and cleanliness.

General Ease

Camping as a family can be a stressful ordeal.  Packing tents, tarps, toys, and all other ‘let’s make this a fun trip’ necessities is very tedious.  Fitting it all into the car practically requires a rocket scientist’s mind. Fitting the kids in after the luggage requires the mind of an experienced and highly refined parent. Once everyone is settled and all is ready, you’re in for a drive where Bobby’s foot somehow found its way into little Abigail’s mouth because there was no room for it on the floor. Maybe the third bike on the two-bike bicycle rack has fallen off on the freeway and is lying in the ditch by the road (if it’s not sticking out of some other car’s windshield).

But there’s more! You haven’t even gotten to the campsite yet! The car has somehow stayed in one piece and the bike is back on the rack, and everyone is still breathing. The campsite is lovely, trees are lushly growing, and a brook ripples through the meadow a stone’s throw away.

Time to set up camp. The kids have already runoff, so it’s on you to get everything set up – tent, grill, cooler, and whatever else. Why is everything so hectic?

The mayhem can be avoided.

Camping with an RV bypasses all these nightmares. There is a room ready for food, baggage, and kids. No need to spend your first day setting up camp: the camp is already set up! No need to worry about rain soaking your tent; your roof will not leak in your RV. There’s an actual bed to sleep in that won’t make your back hurt in the morning. You can leave that bulky cooler at home because you have a fridge in the RV.

An RV makes the whole camping experience easy and eliminates the typical struggles families face when.


Your camp doesn’t have to be in one place… or even one state. You can plan a three-day trip that takes you to a new venue each day. If you plan a trip to one campsite but you decide that it’s no fun after one day, do not worry! Your RV can easily transport you and your family to a different park with no sweat.

An RV simply makes is far easier to move around without blinking twice.


Little kids and tents can make a problematic pair. Unzipping the tent to take them to the outhouse is not the most pleasant experience. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to have a facility that was a little closer and easier to access? Well, that’s what an RV gives you.

An RV lets you easily shower in the morning. Supplies have their place and they can put away right after use.  You don’t have to leave the food out next to the picnic table for the raccoons to eat while you sleep. Everything can remain far cleaner with an RV than with a tent.

For those who love spending time out in nature but dislike the packing havoc, the wet sleeping bag and tent, and the dirtiness of typical camping, renting an RV is the way to go! Kids are much easier to camp with too, so this certainly makes RVs ideal for any family outing.

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