Must-Have Apps for RV Owners


According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, more than 11% of households in the U.S. own RV’s today. Owning an RV gives people the chance to travel comfortably, affordably, and among friends and family. Flexibility and convenience are factors that have prompted the surge of the RV generation. With access to mobile devices and the internet, RV’s can become viable long-term living solutions — even for those who work. 

Now, there are millions of applications that can be downloaded directly onto a device and used both online and offline. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most helpful applications and resources that RV owners just shouldn’t go without!

Maps.Me is the perfect application for anyone hitting the road without an internet connection. The application is free and can be downloaded from both Android and iOS app stores. Users download the area or country they are traveling in, and the application shows them how long it will take to travel to that destination.

If you have just arrived somewhere and want to experience something new, all you need to do is go to the “search” section and type in your destination. Alternatively, you can look through the categories until something catches your eye.

You will be able to find restaurants, accommodation, bars, wifi spots, public transport spots, petrol stations, parking spots, ATM’s, supermarkets, pharmacies, and much more. The best feature this application has to offer is the ability to add locations to the map. If you find a little piece of heaven, you can share it will fellow users by adding it manually.

AllStays Camp & RV

The AllStays Camp & RV is the ultimate camping application. The application allows you to find campgrounds, RV Parks, and all other RV-related services whether you are online or offline. As with other search engines, you can filter your search to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for.

AllStay Camp & RV is available in all app stores and offers real-time reviews downloaded from third party websites. The application also offers users the chance to find truck and rest stops, dump stations, supplies, RV service centers, low bridges, and more. The AllStay Camp & RV app covers the entirety of the U.S. and Canada.

Free Wifi Finder

With the digital nomad revolution upon us, many people now need a regular internet connection. Free Wifi Finder is available on both iPhone and Android on a global scale. The application offers two different tools that users can use to find public hotspots. The first feature allows users to see a map of all the nearby connection spots. The second is a scanner that shows them when they are in a wifi zone.

This is perfect for RV owners as they can see where the signal is strongest and they can bookmark specific locations for future reference. Free Wifi Finder covers 144 countries and is extremely easy to use. With its fast running UI, you will be able to find wifi spots in seconds.

Gas Buddy

The worst nightmare of any RV owner is to run out of gas. The Gas Buddy app stops that from happening. Although most people start looking for gas once they get down to half a tank, it can be easy to forget to stop and fill up with all the beautiful scenery and exciting new places around you.

Gas Buddy is an application that you will not need often, but when you do, you’ll be extremely happy to have it! Although it doesn’t show you the cheapest gas stations, it could get you out of a pretty serious pickle!

State Lines

Because the laws are not all the same across the country, having State Lines installed could stop you from making some serious driving mistakes. State Lines was created by like-minded RVer’s and is available in the Android and Apple app stores. The application pulls together all the information you need about the various laws in each state.

You will be astonished by the amount of detail involved. From how long you can stay in the areas, what the towing speed regulations are, and everything in between. If you check the application before heading off, you’ll be sure to be within the law every step of the way.


The weather in the U.S. can be temperamental. Having an application that allows you to see where a storm is coming from, how quickly it is coming, and how hard it is going to hit, could get you out of some deep trouble. MyRadar does just this. The iPhone and Android application puts the local radar front and center and shows you how a storm is moving while you move with it.

MyRadar is great for RV owners moving between states as it shows local weather forecasts in just one click. Although it now offers a few too many features, the application remains one of the best for predicting the weather.

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