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Best RV Essentials – Kitchen Accessories and Appliances

If you are new to the camper van lifestyle, you might be curious about the RV kitchen accessories and appliances you must have to make travel more comfortable. Even experienced campers who thrive in rough outdoor environments grow tired of eating out of canned goods every night without essential RV cooking appliances. Why not upgrade […]


Points to Consider – Used Vs. New RVs

Is it better to purchase used RVs or new RVs? If you have chosen to venture out and purchase a recreational vehicle (RV), congratulations! These versatile vehicles are an excellent alternative to traditional forms of travel and often cheaper over the long term. The experts at Kirkland RV Sales offer a few tips that might […]


DIY – Upgrade Your RV

RV upgrades are one of the best ways to optimize your vehicle for the road. They are often very cost-effective, easy to implement, and create a higher quality road trip experience.  If you are looking for amazing RV modifications that you can make to improve your travel experience, continue reading or get in touch with […]