Washington State’s 8 Best RV Parks


RV camping is a regional pastime in Washington State, so it’s no wonder that there are numerous wonderful RV parks to choose from when planning a camping trip.

Our Evergreen State is known for its lush pine forests and majestic mountain ranges, so it will come as no surprise that Washington residents enjoy spending lots of time camping in nature.

We know you’re on the hunt for the best parks to set up camp in Washington State, and we want to help you find them. Kirkland RVs team of RV connoisseurs decided to find the eight best RV parks in Washington State so that you have a resource to consult when it comes time to plan your next trip.

Best RV Parks in Washington State

Here are our top 8 picks for best RV campgrounds in Washington State.

1. Olympic National Park Camping

Explore the gorgeous Olympic Penninsula in maximal comfort by reserving a spot at Eagle Tree RV Park.

Adjacent to some of Washington State’s most exotic landscapes (visit the Hoh Rainforest if you have the chance!), Eagle Tree RV Park offers convenient amenities to RV campers such as full hookups, showers, and a WiFi connection.

2. Icicle River RV Park

Near to one of Washington State’s prided historical sites (a small Bavarian town called Leavenworth), Icicle River RV Park offers conveniences such as hot showers and laundry facilities.

Take the opportunity while at this RV campground to explore Leavenworth and learn more about the historical sites surrounding you.

3. Whiskey Creek Beach Campground

Whiskey Creek Beach Campground offers stunning views of the Strait of Juan De Fuca as well as wildlife. Be on the lookout for otters, seals, whales, and bald eagles as you catch the sunrise under your RV awning.

Escaping into nature for a breath of fresh sea air and a relaxing few days at one of Washington’s best RV parks is the ultimate kind of getaway.

4. Midway RV Park

If you are looking for a sweet halfway point between Seattle and Portland, Midway RV Park might just be Washington’s best campground for you. Enjoy the quiet of nature with the luxury of two of America’s coolest cities, only a short drive away.

5. Harmony Lakeside RV Park & Campground

Serene lakeside afternoons and outdoor activities? Yes, please!
At Harmony Lakeside RV Park, you will find a fun-filled community of RV campers who have made it their mission to reconnect with nature by finding the best, most peaceful RV park in Washington State.

With shower and WiFi access for campers, Harmony Lakeside RV Park will feel more like an RV resort for campers. Enjoy the perfect ambiance of being surrounded by nature while also having all of the amenities of home at your fingertips.

6. Lake Pleasant RV Park

Located in Bothell, a short drive from Seattle, Lake Pleasant RV Park offers a serene waterfront scene to campers. If you are looking for a quiet, natural landscape only a short way from the main city, Lake Pleasant RV Park in Washington State will suit.

With hiking trails for the active campers and a golf practice green for avid golfers, this Washington State RV campground is ideal for families and solo travelers alike.

7. Kalaloch Campground & RV Park

Offering seaside views and peaceful forest walks, Kalaloch is one of the most visited areas in Olympic National Park — making it one of the best places to park your RV for a few days of beachy twilight hours and sultry Washington evenings.

The Olympics will be your playground in nature’s best RV resort as you spend a few days recouping as a family and enjoying all the best that Washington State has to offer.

8. Columbia Sun RV Resort

If you’re feeling fancy, reserve a parking spot at Columbia Sun RV Resort in Kennewick. This amenity-packed RV resort is the perfect place for campers who want a relaxing vacation while still being able to enjoy nature and Washington’s best sunsets.

With a heated swimming pool, hot tub, and private showers, this Washington State RV resort affords every luxury to RVers.

Besides all of the luxurious amenities, Columbia Sun RV Resort builds a sense of community among campers. There are sports and recreational activities that RVers partake in together. Facilities like a fitness center and sports courts are just a few that Columbia Sun RV Resort can boast of.

Find the RV of Your Dreams & Set out to Find the Best RV Parks Washington Has to Offer

Here at Kirkland RV, we offer a wide variety of RVs curated to match the needs of various campers. No matter if you are a family looking for the utmost convenience or a solo-traveler trying to find an affordable travel vehicle, we can help you find the perfect RV.

Call or contact Kirkland RV today and let us help you find the RV of your dreams so that you can enjoy the best RV parks and nature that Washington State has to offer.

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