Class A Diesel Pushers are among the most luxurious and spacious RVs you can find in Issaquah and throughout Washington. These deluxe RVs provide an array of benefits and accessories that give traveling families and individuals many advantages — more so for those looking for ample space and comfort in their home away from home.

Class A Diesel Pusher RVs in Issaquah

Benefits of Owning a Class A Diesel Pusher in Issaquah

Class A Diesel Pushers are popular because they are more powerful and fuel-efficient than gasoline-powered RVs. While diesel is more expensive and may not be as available as gas, diesel engines don’t work as hard, so they have a lower RPM than gas vehicles. As a result, your diesel engine has a longer lifespan because of the reduced wear-and-tear. In addition, Class A Diesel Pushers can drive through mountainous terrain at an average 20 mph faster than gas vehicles because of their robust engines.

Diesel Pusher RVs are built on an FCCC motorhome chassis, which is equipped with stabilizing beams and top of the line suspension. Diesel Pushers provide a smooth ride with reduced bouncing and swaying when compared to other RVs. Because they are very big motorhomes, you can equip your Class A Diesel Pusher with air brakes for safer travels. Finally, these luxury RVs have approximately a 60 degrees turn radius, one of the best available in the market.

Diesel Pusher motorhomes are designed to be safe, but are also built with comfort in mind. There is an endless array of accessories and features that can be added, including:

  • On-board electrical
  • Heated tile floors
  • Full bathrooms
  • Extra storage space
  • Breathtaking decor
  • Top-quality appliances
  • Large flat-screen TVs
  • Luxurious master suite
  • Elegant dining area

How Much Does a Diesel Pusher Cost?

Class A Diesel Pushers are coveted for their features and advantages, but these come at a high price. Because they are the most desirable RVs in the market, Diesel Pushers are known for their high maintenance costs and price tag.

Depending on the state they are found in, used Class A Diesel Pushers can vary greatly in price. Nevertheless, a new Diesel Pusher motorhome can cost between $150,000 and $300,000 with basic features. If you want it customized, the price tag can run much higher very quickly.

Always consider the cost of maintenance when you’re purchasing any RV. For instance, Diesel Pushers require a lot of maintenance, and most of it needs to be carried out by a qualified RV service provider. This will keep your RV in good shape, and protect your investment for years to come.

Finding a Class A Diesel Pusher in Issaquah

If you are looking to purchase your own Class A Diesel Pusher, you should start shopping around to find the best price. We offer a huge selection of used Class A motorhomes of all kinds, including Diesel Pushers. Our prices fit every and all budgets, so if you’re looking to buy an RV at a great price, contact us now. Give us a call at 425.409.2920 or fill out our online contact form. Get in touch with us today!

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