Choosing the Best Motorhome: RV Types Explained


Selecting the best motorhome goes beyond merely selecting the floor layout or countertop materials. If you are new to the world of traveling by RV or this is your first time purchasing a pre-loved RV, there are several things you need to consider before driving away in your new RV.


What Do You Want From Your RV?

Carefully detailing what it is you want from your RV will help you narrow down your selection and will also help you choose the best road tripping vehicle for your needs. Ask yourself what you are mainly going to be using your RV for. Is your motorhome primarily going to be used for camping or is its purpose going to be mainly transportation? Or are you trying to get an RV that you can live out of indefinitely?

These are all important things to consider as you create a list of possible RV options.


What Are The Different Types Of RVs?

RVs can be divided into two categories, towable and motorized. Understanding the differences between these RVs, along with their pros and cons, can aid you in selecting the best RV for your upcoming road trip.

Towable RVs

Let’s start with towable RVs. These are liveable trailers that can be towed behind your vehicle. Towable RVs offer a multitude of benefits — they are convenient, more compact than motorized RVs, and are generally much cheaper. Listed below are several towable RV options, as well as a little bit of information about them.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers can be towed behind any vehicle with enough horsepower and are essentially traditional motorized RVs just without the motorized cab up front. Travel trailers tend to be quite affordable and offer many convenient living features. They are easy to handle and tow between campsites and hitching them to your vehicle is simple and quick.

Fifth Wheel RV

Fifth-wheel RVs are meant to be towed behind a pickup truck mounting on top of the truck bed rather than being attached by a trailer hitch.

Fifth-wheel RVs offer spacious interiors and a range of convenient amenities — making them a popular choice for truck owners and travelers who wish to prioritize convenient living while on the road.

Fifth-wheel RVs are also amazingly versatile and come in an endless amount of different floor plans, sizes, sleeping configurations, and amenities.

Fifth-wheel RVs make an excellent first-time RV and are extremely popular RV choices.

Pop Up Trailers

Pop up tent trailers are lightweight and compact. While they are less expensive than other towable RV options they also tend to be smaller and offer less convenient features. This is something to take into consideration if you are traveling with a large number of people or don’t enjoy tent-like accommodations.

Motorized RVs

Now that we have discussed in detail different towable RV options, let’s talk about motorized RVs and the pros and cons associated with them.

First off, there are several different classes of motorized RVs. Understanding the different classes will help you know which RV class will best suit your needs and travel style.

Class A

Class A motorized RVs are the largest of the available motorized RVs and can be the size of a bus or motorcoach. Class A motorized RVs are designed to have all of the comforts and amenities of home life while traveling. These types of RVs are for serious travelers who intend to spend the greater part of their year on the road in their RV.

Choosing the best-RV

Many Class A motorized RVs have full-kitchens, bathrooms, amenities such as hot water heaters, electric generators, and air conditioning. On top of all these wonderful amenities, many of these Class A motorized RVs are also expandable, meaning that they can be expanded when they are not on the road, allowing you even more living space.

Class B

Class B motorized RVs are often referred to as van conversions as these are the smallest fully enclosed RVs that are still motorized. Class B motorized RVs are generally not able to sleep more than 4 people maximum and provide fewer amenities, however, they are considerably more affordable than Class A motorized RVs and are still able to comfortably balance versatility and convenience in their modest dimensions.

Class C

Class C motorized RVs are different from classes A and B because they possess a cab that is separated from the living space in the back of the vehicle. Class C RVs offer abundant sleeping space, with some models being able to sleep up to ten people!

Class C RVs allow you to have an affordable RV that is able to comfortably sleep a large number of people.


What RV Is Right For You?

Based off of the information offered in this article, as well as your specific traveling needs, you should have a pretty good idea about which RV type and class will best suit your needs.

If you are intending to adopt an RV lifestyle living full-time off the grid in your wheeled home, then you should probably consider a motorized RV in either Class A or B. If you are a weekend traveler or you like to bring recreational vehicles with you on your getaways, you should consider a travel trailer or pop up camper.

As you plan your upcoming trip and decide on an RV for you and your family, it might help you to contact an RV expert to discuss the matter further. Here at Kirkland RV we offer a wide range of RVs and have an experienced crew who are extremely knowledgeable about everything RV related. If you have more questions regarding what type of motorhome you should choose contact Kirkland RV today to speak with one of our professionals.