A Guide to Motorhome Classes: How To Choose Your RV


When it comes to purchasing an RV, it’s important that you are able to thoroughly understand your options amid the array of motorhome classes. Some recreational vehicles from different motorhome classes come with more amenities than your average RV, and others come with less. Once you are able to understand what each type of class of recreational vehicle is able to offer you, you’ll be ready to find the right dealer and make the purchase.

Guide to RV Classifications

Naturally, we would love for you to come to see us. We have a large listing of various used and new RVs that are certain to not only be exactly what you’re looking for but also be within your price point. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy with the RV that you’ve purchased, and that you fully understand how to drive it, how to plan your trips, and how to care for your RV.


Class A Motorhome: Deluxe Style

Class A Motorhomes are the most deluxe of the available recreational vehicles. They are usually built similarly to a bus in shape and design. These RV’s are the most spacious, ranging from 23-45 feet or greater in length. Some class A’s will be equipped with anywhere from 1-4 slide-out sections, providing extra space.

All class A motorhomes are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, entertainment center and centrally controlled heating and cooling systems. Their list of features, however, are almost unlimited, as there are virtually innumerable ways to customize and ‘trick out’ a class A motorhome. Because of this, they are usually the top pick amongst RV travelers.

They are run off of either class A gas or class A diesel engines, and they generally sleep up to 6 adults.


Class B Motorhome: Deluxe on a Smaller Scale

Class B motorhomes are similar to the Class A, but on a much smaller scale. Rather than driving like a bus, they are going to be more comparable to driving a family van. They are equipped with the basic features of a kitchen, bathroom (including showers), and they will usually sleep up to 4 people. Additional features may be added, such as an entertainment space.

Because of the mobility and lightweight qualities of a class B motorhome, they are easy on fuel and generally fit the width of a parking place. Their appearance is similar to that of a stretched van, between 18-24 feet, with a raised roof.


Class C Motorhome: Practical for All Intents and Purposes

This motorhome is second only to the class A motorhome. It’s distinctive cab-over bunk allows for additional room, sleeping up to 8 people. It comes with all the amenities available and has many additional features. Slide out rooms are a common feature for a class C motorhome.

Their length may vary, but its generally between 30-33 feet in length. While they are designed to sleep more people, they do have less space within the other areas of the RV. They are, however, a very good choice for young families.


Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheel trailers are some of the most spacious RV’s available, due their ability to have taller ceilings and more slide-out areas than the conventional motorhomes. They sleep up to 6 individuals, or more, and vary greatly in length from 19-40 feet. They are the most customizable type of motorhome available, and they can come with loads of luxury features. They may even be equipped with upper and lower level living spaces.

They handle easily, but they do require a higher powered vehicle to tow them, such as a pick-up truck with a special ‘fifth wheel’ hitch.


Travel Trailers

The travel trailer is the most common recreational vehicle, and its also the most easily recognized. A travel trailer is towed behind a car, truck, or other larger vehicle. The sizes and features span a wide range of options, and they can vary in length from 18-37 feet. Travel trailers may come with a garage (called a toy hauler), rooftop patios, fireplaces, offices or dens, pullout and hideaway beds, expanding sides and slideouts, and more. The popularity of travel trailers has encouraged an extensive amount of creative design and ingenuity when it comes to additional features.

For this reason, travel trailers are frequently the best choice for couples and families with specific desires and needs for their RV. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a vehicle large enough to tow it and a standard tow hitch will be required.


The RV You Need

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